Marbass Little Mark II Low Volume Issue

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Misanthropic, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. I've had a LMII for closer to ten years with mostly no issues, and gigged it probably a hundred times.

    Now it has a problem: The volume is diminished to a very low level. The sound quality in itself seems to be okay, it's just that the volume is very low. At 4 ohms and decent cabs, I usually only need the volume to be at around 9. Now I can turn the volume up all the way and it's still not loud enough for a band.

    My first thought was the unused effect loop causing volume drops. I've always kept a patch cable there to prevent the issue. I removed the cable and cleaned the jacks with electrical cleanser spray. I also took the lid off and cleaned them from there as well, and did the same to the other jacks. I also cleaned off a small amount of dust from and around the circuit board.

    The amp does not ger very hot, and the issue is there right from the moment I turn the amp on.

    I have tried different cables, cabinets and basses, and my other head works fine in the same setup.
  2. As you've already eliminated the effects loop as the possible problem you're going to receive the standard advice here; you can either accept that your amp which is 12+ years old has reached end of life, or entrust it to a Markbass savvy amp tech to diagnose/fix. LM2 are regularly available used for $260 or less so throwing too much money at it might be a waste. I love the older class AB Markbass heads and have bought a few very cheaply so I'll never need to have one fixed $$$$$$.

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