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Marshall MBC 410 cabinet

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by escarnafuncho, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Has anyone tried the Marshall MBC 410 cabinet?
    It has 600 watts @ 4ohms, when all the other cabs around this price have less watts @ more ohms!
    How can this be? (besides being big and heavy)

    It seems to exist a big prejudice from bassits towards Marshall bass stuff.
    Why is that?

  2. fdr1031


    Feb 24, 2008
    I am very curious as well as to this cabinet.

    As far as having a more watts at less ohms, the other cabinet i am looking at www.avatarspeakers.com - the B410Neo - handles 1000 watts and you can order it at either 4 or 8 ohms, it weighs over 10 lbs. less.

    I am curious as to what brand of speakers these have - Eminence, Celestion or OEM.

    As far as prejudice, I think it goes both ways with Marshall - they haven't been consistently committed to providing a full range of products for the bassist - but the lure of the Marshall script still is big for some.
  3. bassermaniac


    Jun 30, 2007
    i think it's quite cheap for the specs and sometimes this is a problem.
    i know about the vbc 410 and is quite good cab and well made.
    the mbc is the cheap series(made in China probably).
    most of times you get what you pay for.
  4. Its a great cab, even better with the MB450 head. I think in this case youget more than what you pay for, just like ashdowns. the cab runs 1200 watts at 2 ohms 600 at 4. head runs 300wats at 4 ohms 450 at 2. if you buy the head then get a power amp for the cab/s you could play some very large gigs.

    I don't own the rig yet, still have to pay $400 (its on layby)
  5. As a proud owner of both the 410 cab and 450h head, I am very happy! I have no previous experience with Marshall, but what a great introduction!!!
  6. I cant wait till i get mine!!
    $300 to go
  7. nuotio


    Dec 19, 2009
    Helsinki, Finland
    Sorry to bump an old thread back, but after several search attempts I didn't find any better information. Has anyone more opinions about this cab? I'm looking a cheap, but reasonably good cab to my new terror bass and this is at least cheap.
    (I live in europe so for example Avatar or Acoustic is not so cheap choices after all the shipping costs and taxes)
  8. Sorry to bump again but you plan to have a Orange bass terror on the MBC410? Did you go and buy the MBC410, I am very interested to hear your findings.

    Neither did I find more info on this cab. After I purchased it, on the UK Basschat site some bad review was posted, but with my current setup I am moderately pleased. I use a
    HA2000 into it but am very interested in getting an orange terror bass amp to go along with this cab.
  9. nuotio


    Dec 19, 2009
    Helsinki, Finland
    Oh actually I wanted to play safe and decided to go with an ampeg svt410hlf. A lot more expensive, but it was too hard to buy something without trying...

    (I definitely recommend the Terror Bass! It's really worth the hype!)
  10. Thankx!
    I will have to check if the terror sounds good with the Marshall Cab though
  11. bennymalta


    Apr 19, 2012
    when you do please let me know!!!! that will be my near future rig hopefully, given that you post good things about it hehe
  12. Way, way over. This cab is really heavy. Ceramic magnets, big box, MDF.

    104 lbs. for the MBC410 cabinet, 115 lbs. for the MB4410 combo amplifier.

    I haven't palyed through it, but I played the combo (sealed) for a couple of years and it sounded really well. The reason to upgrade gear was not tone or loudness but weight.

    To me the buyer gets low price at the expense of the heavy weight without compromising sound.

    I also think this Marshall line is gaining accpetance. In the store where I bouhgt it (DV247) price in € increased exactly 45% since I bought it less than 3 years ago !!
  13. Hey Benny, that's a real ol' post you bumped. Sorry to say that I never got to link a Terror onto this Marshall cab:

    shortly ater that post I got rid of the Hartke amp and got me a real cheap Peavey mark III instead. That was a killer combination with the cab!
    Meanwhile I also got in a Fender Bassman amp which is equally great (even more) with the Marshall cabinet.

    all in all I'm happy with the Marshall cab in terms of tight sound for the money you pay for it, but I must say it got broken last year (not good for a nearly 2 year old new cab)
    It has been repaired now and serves as cab still.
  14. TheRealKong


    Mar 17, 2011
    In 2009 my ol' relyable SWR Redhead fadet away. Because it was urgent, a real prestige gig, I had to get me some amplification fast.

    I found a brand new Marshall MB 4410 in a local store, but there was a minor crack on the upper right corner. It just did not affect the cab, only the amps casing. I did get the combo for cheap, they offed 35% of the price.

    I was stunning about the tonal possibilitys of this "mediocre" amp. So I went out and got me the MBC 410 to go fullstack. The sound was massive, I prefer the mix channel to get the punch of the solid state-section together with the grid of the tube pre. Only thing about it: heavy as f*ck.

    As I bought two new fullstacks because of playing in three bands I decidet to keep the Marshall fullstck because I love the sound. If anybody asks for a new amphead with a reasonable price I always highly commend the MB 450 h besides the Hartke LH 500.

    But I tell the people that I prefer the MB 450 h because of its possibilitys and the 3 channels. I like this amp, and it's a keeper for rehearshal and for backup.

    If there is a festival and someone has to get his amp on stage for three or four bands, I always bring this fullstack. Everybody gets satisfied with it.
  15. grenadilla


    Aug 22, 2011
    The cabinet is not plywood [ it is MDF ] and it is made in Vietnam. I have the MB450H head and like it a lot. Avatar use plywood. I have Avatar 210 cabinets and they are efficient with good note definetion. To me Marshall's only drawback is that you should not screw casters onto the cabinet.
  16. Why? mine has casters, no problems with that!
  17. wesleypoelmans


    Oct 22, 2011
    Hello, i own a marshall mb4410 combo, which I always combine with the marshall mbc115 cab 4ohm. This combination sounds great,
    BUT over the past year I have hooked all the components seperately onto: -only the most relevant-
    -peavey 2x15'' 4ohm cab
    -peavey standard T-series 260w 4ohm head
    -hartke 3500 top
    -hartke transporter 4x10'' 4ohm
    -Orange Tiny terror 500w head

    And my conclusion was:
    None of both heads sounded good with the mbc115 or the 4x10" from the mb4410 disconnected from the amp, must say that the 4x10'' was better than the 1x15'', but still not strong enough.
    The marshall head-component matched seperately with both speakers, each with it's own caracter.
    But the combination mb4410 combo with the peavey or hartke cabs, just sounds awful! Out of phase and both a lot louder than the marshall 4x10''.
    And it might sound blasphemous, but the terror sounded probably even better on the hartke 4x10'' than on the peavey 2x15'', the 2x15" made it too dark and wooly, it didn't cut through.

    I wouldn't match the marshall cabs to any other heads than the mb-series itself, certainly not with tube- or high power amps!

    hoping to have been helpful:hyper:
  18. I find my MBC410 with a Bassman 135 amp a perfect match!
    No complaints about sound at all!
  19. METAL1667


    Jul 8, 2013
    This is a late reply, I am aware of it, but I'm going to post it anyways as an advise to future buyers.

    So I bought the 450H together with a 410 cab about 2 years ago i think.
    Overal I'm pleased with the sound, but I think it's mostly the amp that gives you a variety of sounds, and it lets you blend channels nicely.

    About the cab I'm not so pleased, mine says "made in India" so I got suspicious, but I was already pleased it didn't say "made in the People's Republic of China"
    It struck me how badly it was finished, here and there there is a gap in the covering material (it's not tolex, it looks like a really thin layer of truck bed liner to me), mostly at the joints between different MDF boards. Then the plastic covers for the cutouts (where the head sits) broke of after a few weeks of rehearsing. The screws that were used to assemble the thing started to oxidate after a few weeks...

    Yesterday the tweeter (horn, generic marshall?) broke down while playing, it started rattling really bad, I was playing on the "classic" channel, no effect pedals, the gain cranked up 8/10, channel volume on 4/10, master on 2/10, attenuator fully engaged.

    It's a budget rig but it shouldn't break after only 2 years of rehearsing and the occasional gig. A replacement horn costs 35 euros...
    I wouldn't recommend buying this setup, maybe play the head trough a different cab, I don't know, it's my first "real" cab. For the same money I would buy a hartke amp+cab instead today.

    If anyone can point out what I did wrong with the horn, please elaborate, maybe email me. Any hint or help is welcome.