Marshall MBC410 tweeter broken?

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  1. METAL1667


    Jul 8, 2013
    Hello guys,

    Two days ago the HF driver on my MBC410 cab broke down during rehearsal. :bawl: At least I think it's the HF driver. I'm using the matching MB450H head by the way.

    When I play the rig on a normal level (master only at 2/10 ! ) the horn rattles, I know it is "horn-related" because the problem doesn't occur when I turn the horn of using the attenuator switch on the back of the cab. I can easily buy a new horn from the web, but i'm not sure it is the horn itself or maybe a problem coming from a crossover circuit or what not. I tried al the channels individually and blended (the head lets you do that) and it happened with all the different settings...

    Does anyone know a way to pinpoint the exact source of the problem? :help:

    this is a picture of the horn that I took from a webstore:
  2. METAL1667


    Jul 8, 2013
    k, I feel stupid now...

    somehow a small spacer ring (really tiny) got trough the grille and bounced into the horn. It got pulled by the magnet and was jammed between the cone and the horn :D unbelievable !

    It could only be seen once the horn was taken out of the cab.
    Almost spent 35 euros on a replacement.
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    Then you aced the repair. Well done! :)