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Maximum Gut Bust

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassJunkie730, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. BassJunkie730


    Feb 3, 2005
    Ok, so here's what I have
    Mike Dirnt P-Bass
    Avalon U5

    I'm looking for a truly simple, gut busting rig. nice and clean, but will bassically level buildings.

    to me there is only one selection for bass cabs. Schroeder.

    Now I haven't read through the ENTIRE schroeder thread (c'mon 79 pages?) But I think 12s are the way to go.

    this thread is two fold, I'd like to be pointed in the right direction for power amps (I think a used crest or a used crown will be my best bet but Carvin owners please chime in about the DCM1500), I'm looking for a power amp that has the ability to set the input sensitivity. Weight isn't a concern, but I'd like to keep it in the sub $500 range. ( I think 1500watts at 4ohms is PLENTY of wattage for adequate headroom- I'm looking for superior lowend definiton and punch)

    I have thought about stringing the Dirnt - BEAD. I'm in a heavy power trio. I thought I wanted a dirty sound but in a mix that is already chock full of distorted noisy guitar, raspy vocals, and a SUPER heavy hitting drummer (26" kick anyone?) I think clean power is the way to go, and the schroeder's are touted as being a devastating loud cab for the size (perfect for me) with a low mid punch.

    As far as effects - the EHX black finger is it. Real meat and potatoes bass into a compressor into a preamp/power amp into a cabinet (or two ;) )
    my style is mainly finger and pick, with moments of slapping. think Peter Hook meets Kim Deal meets Flea and Tim Commerford

    I'd also like it nice and portable (I'll carry a rack that weighs 70lbs just as long as it's only 4 spaces - 2 already occupied by the U5)
    Should I get two 1212s (one now and one a little later)
    or one 21012 for now and get a 1212 later?

    Now I do want to avoid the fog horn tendancies of a P-Bass so should I have 10s in there?

    I play in NYC and the boroughs so mostly small places.

    I want the natural eq of this rig to be tight, but I think my problems in the past have stemmed from lack of lowend headroom ( I currently us a GKrb400 15" combo with an ashdown Mag 15 in my rehearsal space and it is WAY too boomy and it farts, really bad gas :p )
    the idea of 2 1212s excites me because then I could put a cab on each side of the stage and have the tone be exact from left and right - I'm just worried that the 12s might be too boomy with a p-bass)

    So there it is
    my prospective rig

    EHX black finger
    Schroeder cabs (preferably 2 1212s but thinking about 21012 +212 and the new 310212)

    I hope I haven't asked anything that has directly been addressed. I'm still sifting through the schroeder mega thread so please forgive any redundant information requests)

    Thanks TBers

  2. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
    Either the Crest CA9 or Crown MacroTech MA-2402 seem to get the most rave reviews from their owners.

    Also, I think that either a 21012 or 1210+1212 would cover what you need cab-wise. I'm partial to 10" drivers (I have a Schro 410), but I could probably live with a pair of 1210.
  3. Akito


    Dec 1, 2003
    Have you thought about the fact that all Schroeder cabs are 4 ohm? I'd say get the 21012 and a power amp capable of nice wattage into two channels in case you want to run 2 cabs somewhere down the line. I can't hang with a 4 space rack myself. Have to have a tuner and power conditioner.
    The avalon and the 21012 should make for an awesome rig. If that cab projects more than my 1210 (which I am guessing it should) you will be amazed.
  4. I love my Crown K1, not sure what they go for used tho. 1500W bridged @ 4ohms.