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Mesa Boogie Walk about head needs a cabinet =)

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by thesneakyjesus, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've been an upright player for about 8 years, and I've always struggeled really hard with amplification. I play with a realist pickup. I've had a hartke kickback 15 for years, and that just never sounded like my bass. I just recently started using low action (I used to play crippelingly high for year, and just realized now that it's not normal).

    I bought a mesa boogie walkabout head, and I love it for electric bass.
    Currently I use an avatar 2x10 neo cabinet with it, but it tends to have feed back issues (which I've recently taken care of by basically cuttting all the highs). The cabinet just weighs too much (44lbs) and isn't loud enough for me.

    I've seen a bass player use an AI amp, I think it was a contra, and it was plenty loud in a combo setting and sounded exactally like his upright.

    My question is, does anyone have a suggestion for a light weight cabinet (preferably one that I can carry in one hand with my upright in the other) that will work well with my walkabout head and sound great.

    I'd rather pay a lot of money for a nice cabinet then to buy an AI combo amp because I like have a small amount of gear... and that's just really expensive.

    Thanks guys

    P.S. I'm also looking for a new set of strings. I've always played orchestral and jazz, so I used D'Addarios for ever, but moved to pirastro last year for orchestral work. I'm now in college studying jazz upright only, so I don't need them to bow very well. They are very rich and beautiful, but not very clear sounding in the lower register. Hybrid set up suggestion?
  2. bolo


    May 29, 2005
    Apex, NC
    For the lowdown on cabinet choices, you might could check this out. Just scroll down to Preamps, Amps & Speaker Cabs. More info than you can shake a finger or a bow at.

    When you said "light weight," I immediately thought of the Epifani UL-110, Euphonic Audio Wizzy, and the oldest of the bunch the Gallien-Kreuger 112MBX.

    Plenty of discussion about the +'s and -'s of each on this forum.

    Re: hybrid strings, there is a separate forum for strings actually. I think for starters Pirastro Obligatos and T-I Superflexibles might fit the bill, but believe me, I'm no expert on arco.
  3. jvtwin

    jvtwin What it needs is a little more cowbell

    Jan 26, 2001
    LA Calif.
    I use the Mesa Walkabout Scout 12" combo and have so for about a year now and in moho, hands down the best sounding combo I've ever played. To be fair though, I use it for EGB and haven't tried it with a EUB or DB - but I will be soon! (Getting ready to cross over.. so to speak) And I must say it can get very loud and has excellent bottom end tone and doesnt get all flubby. Something to do with a down firing acoustic sub on the bottom of the cab. I use five string 18v Spector with it and play anything from two piece acoustic to a 5 piece rock band and it holds it own great! So with that, I would suggest getting the scout cab which stills allows you to use the amp with bigger cab's if you chose. If I went outside that cab I'd look into a Schroeder Cab. Either the 110 or even 210 cab. Small, light weight and very efficient! Worth a look.
  4. thanks for the reply, but it seems that things are a bit more sticky if you've never tried to amplify an upright then you'd assume. I have played electric bass for about 7 years, and I love this amp with my electric. I have a Hamer made in USA vintage 2-tek jazz bass. It's the best sound I could as for. The upright situation is so complex though that it's always a struggle. It's not really the amp sound, but more the lack of sound (transparency) that we need as upright bass players. And just finding a cabinet that doesn't sound like trash and is portable is hard to do (and expensive). I'm looking into a EA whizzy 12 now.
  5. jvtwin

    jvtwin What it needs is a little more cowbell

    Jan 26, 2001
    LA Calif.
    Fair enough. But you ask about portability and ease of use with price not being a major factor (Their not cheap!) Not being a DB player (at this time) I can understand your concerns. At the same time, due easy availability of the Mesa combo, it wouldn't take much to locate a local music store and try one out and see/hear if you like it or not. This way, your only out your time. Heck, It even comes with a clip on hand truck for easy travel. On mine I can place my gig bag and mic stand on top of the combo and carry my bass in the other and roll in wherever I need to go. And again, the tone has to be heard to understand what I'm referring to. I stand by my thoughts of just try it and see. I'll bet you won't be disappointed.
  6. word, for sure

    I think you're a bit confused maybe on my situation. I already own a mesa boogie walkabout head. I was just looking into getting a new cab. Finding a place that sells the cab alone (as advertised on mesa's website) is pretty rare, and the head doesn't fit into the standalone cabint.
  7. jvtwin

    jvtwin What it needs is a little more cowbell

    Jan 26, 2001
    LA Calif.
    I understood you have the amp, bro. I was just thinking you could a/b with the extension cab (Same sound) and if you dig that, you can order the cab the amp mounts into. And then you have a tight little package that easily adapts to a stand alone amp or stand alone combo. But I don't want to sound like a salesman for Mesa (yeah, too late for that) it just that I'm not really a combo guy at all but this one really changed my mind. This was over the EA, SWR Blonds, Trace Elliots, hell, even over the Aguilar (which I own the larger DB 728 with the 410 cab) It was still the tightest, lowest tone making little monster I've ever heard.... so far! But you call it. I'm just throwing this out to see if it sticks to the wall.

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