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    Feb 11, 2010
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    Back when I was a kid, we had a wind-up mechanical metronome that was awesome. If I'm going to have a metronome, I want that one. I found a free iPhone ap that is not bad, but I'm not sure I like the digital sound.:scowl:
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    I usually advise against using mechanical metronomes. They are never as accurate as a digital, quartz-pefect battery-powered device, and they're also more apt to break.

    My advice about metronome practice would be to use the metronome for about half of your practice time. When learning something brand new, leave the metronome off and give yourself the luxury of practicing OUT OF TIME at first, until you've got the notes under your fingers. Then turn on the metronome and start working up from a slow tempo, as others have recommended.
  3. Ehorizon


    Mar 6, 2009
    Lakewood, CO
    Here is the link to a video of Victor Wooten working with a metronome on the Korg website:

    They include a link to download the notation...the PDF includes the following piece of understatement:

    "Note that for clarity and brevity, and to focus on the basic rhythms, most of Victor's percussive, muted notes and harmonics have not been transcribed."

  4. Originally Posted by Billnc View Post
    I think everyone inherently has good time.

    Or seen my brother try to snap his fingers to the beat :)

  5. Thanks, Ehorizon. That's the EXACT metronome I recently bought. Now I feel better about it seeing Victor Wooten practicing to it. Everyone's help here has improved my speed and accuracy.
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