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    Dec 11, 2007
    Hey I was wondering about Midi pickups. I know what they are, what they do, and how they accomplished this. However.......How exactly are they installed? Is there any possibility that they would interfere with the bass itself, its tone or its pickups. Can you connect them to any synthesizer? Cuz I have an Access Virus TI that would be pretty sick to run a bass into. What kind of out connection does the pickup have? I look them up and saw the new Roland midi bass pickup, but everywhere I looked provided minimal info on the thing. Any suggestions on the best, and most versatile one...just tell me all abou them
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    I would have thought there were threads on that subject already ... somwhere around here....

    But anyway.
    What do you rever to when you say "MIDI pickup"? This sort of thing?

    If so, I'd like you to understand that this can't really be called a "MIDI pickup" because it does not produce MIDI signals. It's called a GK pickup, and outputs a separate signal for each string. You may also call it hexaphonic, as there are six individual signals.
    Now, a GK pickup can be connected to a guitar synth device like the Roland GR-20, which will produce MIDI signals (which you may control your Virus with).

    Installation is easy if you follow the instructions well. Doesn't interfere in any way (normally) with the bass itself. Note that it needs a bit (tiny bit) of space between the bridge and the normal pickup.

    The connector is a GK standard connector, which is a 13-pin DIN type.

    There are a few different models available, but they are essentially the same.... the one in the photo is a Roland GK-2B. If you buy a new one you'll probably get the GK-3B though. Also there are some Yamaha units out there but they are also basically the same.
    As for the guitar synth, I use the Roland GR-20 and it works quite well. Some say that the Axon unit is better. I haven't tried it. Don't bother with the GR-30 or the GR-33, these work all right for guitar but not for bass, IME.

    There is also a version for permanent internal installation, it's called GK-KIT-BG and I have installed one in the above pictured bass, look here.