Mini-Stack or Combo Amp?

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  1. ztoneill


    Oct 21, 2012
  2. SirMjac28

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    Aug 25, 2010
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    I like the 1x15 for portability and I think the 15 will have a bigger bottom than the 2x10 it also has a DI for larger venues I think the stack has a DI also? but I like the one piece simplicity.
  3. Garrett151


    Mar 23, 2011
    I'm a big fan of the stack set up because I find it easier to carry and it also gives you the ability to mix and match. It can make upgrading easier and less expensive.
  4. I have the Micro VR head and it sounds great with a bunch of cabs. Right now I have it running through an SVT210 & SVT115. I also have an old Traynor 215 that it sounds great with.

    Point being... Go with the mini stack. The tone is better than the combo (IMO) and you'll be able to expand and not need to buy a new head (unless you want to, of course).
  5. Pilgrim

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    A head with enough power can match up with lots of cabs. SO if you want flexibility in mixing and matching cabs in the future without needing to replace the head, that's good.

    The BA 115 is a classic amp with a great sound, so IF it does everything you need, it's OK to go that way. It has an XLR output so you can feed a PA system from it..but that presumes you will want to play through a PA.

    You make the call. Depends on where you're going in the future.
  6. ztoneill


    Oct 21, 2012
  7. Edword

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    Jun 23, 2005
    I was in the same situation and ended up with an Ampeg Portabass 228. It's 200 Watts and has 2 8" speakers. Very light, and was loud enough to hold its own in a rock band-type rehearsal setting. The best thing about it is the DI, that I could use to plug it into the P.A. if I'd ever had to gig with it.


    The Portabass 228 is no longer made, but better combos have taken its place in the market. Carvin has a line of 250 Watt combos with various speaker configurations. There are many other brands as well.
  8. GBassNorth


    Dec 23, 2006
    I have the BA115 and have used it as a practice amp for about 8 years now and it's still going strong. It will work fine in a small band setting with a sane drummer but does have the xlr out if you need to go the PA route. It also has an aux input for CD or other audio input so you can practice with your favorite music and also has a headphone jack for those times when you need to practice quietly. It's somewhat bulky and not real light so from a practice amp stand point I'd give it a 5 out of 10 on portability. Otherwise it's a great sounding and very durable hunk of Ampeg gear.
    I've played the Ampeg micro stacks at Guitar Center but have never owned one. Many TB members swear they are very true to the Ampeg SVT tone. The separate head is always a neat thing to have since you could use it with the stack for practice or pair it up with a larger cabinet for small gigs.
    Try both out side by side if you can and let your ears decide what's best for you.
  9. ztoneill


    Oct 21, 2012
    Probably going to go with the Micro CL, guys! I went down to my local Sam Ash and tried both amps out. The CL gave out a clearer, more treble-y sound that I really liked. Thanks for all of your opinions!

  10. I have to agree that the BG250 blows either Ampeg away. Much cheaper than the micro-stack. Also "China-peg" has certainly had it's QC issues along with allegations overstated power output.
  11. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
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    Always the best choice to go put your hands on them and see what YOU think. There's things I like about the BA115 but I'd go for the Micro CL for the same reason. The BA115 has bigger low end response and sounds really good IMHO but I like the tighter low end better and the extra top end coming from the speaker and not the tweeter (not a tweeter fan). Don't have one but I have a Micro VR and I dig it a lot and use it on gigs.
  12. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
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    I wouldn't be bringing up overstated power output and plugging TC at the same time when their whole business model is based on overstated power output. Just sayin' ;)