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MoMark MarkBass Club

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by StereoPlayer, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hello my name is D.J.

    There seems to be little info on the MoMark system here on TB.
    I only know of one other TB member that has one.

    I love my MoMark LMK, but I will be makin a change to it soon. They do seem to be priced a llitle more than other MB products, but I wanted/ needed a 2 channel head.

    So we'll see if this club goes anywhere.


    MoMark Club Founder
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  2. That is an interesting product and concept. That graphic EQ module is finally shipping, and that looks very cool.

    Strange decision on making the 'high end' modules a different color though... hard to mix and match those without it looking like heck.

    Since 500 watts pushes the cabs I use pretty much to full volume, the trade-off between the very small and fully featured F500 to the larger Momark hasn't made sense to me at this point.

    My guess is, since it seems that the LM line and the F line are Markbass's biggest sellers, there wouldn't be a lot of interest to 'go larger' for most.

    Subscribed though... looking forward to seeing some different configurations.
  3. I do agree on the diff. colors for HE stuff, if would be ok if they made all of the Moduals in the HE format. Altho I was told the they are planning new stuff for the MM(MoMark) format.
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  4. I agree - though I am curious about the "higher end" modules and the sound difference . . .

    the concept is cool, but the modules that are out now don't inspire all that much difference from MB's line. I'll wait and see . . .
  5. Don't own one... just subscribing since I like the concept and love the tone of my Markbass heads:). I'll just be a lurker.
  6. I wanted a LMK( for the 2 channel thing) but they were discontinued. And could not find one used on bEay
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  7. +1 It seems as if they are going to try to eliminate a large part of their current product line (i.e., the larger heads), since they are now actively marketing various 'pre loaded' Momark models as the 'Momark SD800', the 'Momark SA450', etc. That makes sense from a production and distribution standpoint. Nice that now you can get a real mute button on the Momark preamp module.

    That won't really appeal to the F series uses much, unless they come up with a 'micro Momark' line... which they might!
  8. I like mine too! I just got a F1 Almost like it better?!?
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  9. Those F series amps have their own tone, and they are by far my favorites in the Markbass line-up. I gigged an F1 for a couple of years, and about a year ago, replaced it with the F500, which sounds identical, same size, but with a few more features that I like (mute, semi-parametric mids, full featured DI). However, I typically run it flat, so for all purposes, I'm still using an F1! Great head.

    Not sure if the class D 600 watt Momark amp module would result in the same tone or not. The F series sound WAY different than the 800 series amps (SD800, LM800, etc.)... much tighter, punchier, more even to my ears... and smaller!
  10. I've only played thru 3-4 different heads, but want more MB stuff.

    I did find that I liked my sound much better when I backed off the preamp setting and used more master volume.
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  11. The clip light indicator on the Markbass stuff is nicely designed. It is a pure 'you should never see it' light. As long as that light doesn't come on, you are good with your preamp setting (although there have been a few players with very hot instruments and/or very aggressive technique that did find they overloaded that input section even with the gain turned very low... pretty rare there.. that almost sounds like the head running out of headroom when that happens.

    Great sounding stuff though.
  12. MoMark Owners unite!
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  13. BassinCT

    BassinCT Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    I'm a Mo' user. I have posted a few comments about the differences between the tube and pre's, but I haven't seen any other posts on the Momark. It's good to get feedback from a group of users!
  14. Thanks for your interest in this forum. Not many users I see. I used mine for the third time in a band situation today, as well as my F1. Stereo Set-up. It worked pretty good, but I did have some problems with my phase shifter patch?...it was howling way to much for me and the others in the group! I think I got it tweaked....but really... such a simple patch.

    I also used my new/used Warwick Fretless today for the first time in a band situation......my new go to bass! I wired it stereo yesterday.

    I have used my self custom built Fender fretless P-neck (71) /Schector P/J Kit Body(heavily contoured ), tapped PU's, No volume or tone controls, stereo for the last 28 years. Still love it tho!

    I bought the LMK model for the 2 channels, I have plugged my stereo bass into a 2 channel amp for years with pleasing results. I have since got a F1 too!

    Today I used the MoMark LMK for the treble PU with the channel selector footswitch for slight boost on channel 2 for highlighted passages. And the F1 for bass(neck)PU.

    Thanks again. DJ
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  15. BassinCT

    BassinCT Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    I've used it for about 6 months, still diggin' it, and I'm thinking about trying different modules. At the moment, I don't have the variable line-level output and was wondering if any of you have found this to be useful. A local union sound-guy didn't want to touch the line level, as his mixing board's preamps wouldn't handle the high output. (no pad??) I didn't push, and used his DI instead. He probably also didn't want any of my eq in the mix.

    High end modules? gold plated circuits? flying monkeys?
    I'm obviously skeptical and am wondering if people are trying and buying. High end could mean tighter component tolerances, longer service life, lower distortion, etc., but the advertising is vague.
  16. I haven't use any H.E. stuff yet. Or used my line outs yet.....

    Why aren't all their connections gold plated? I have yet to purchase any mods yet, but I do sorta want a MoMark MVVL Bass Master, for the VPF that the LMK does not have.

    I really bought the Mmark LMK because I was using my stereo bass with 2 channels....but since have bought a F1.

    I use the LMK for the treble PU.
    Lonely "club" here?!?
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  17. Bennetsgreen


    Jun 7, 2010
    Hey guys I guess my momark setup would be called littlemarktube 500 and it sounds unreal. I got it running through a markbass standard hr 8x10. Il post pics next week :)
  18. mentalpatient

    mentalpatient Inactive

    Jun 23, 2009
    mental institutionzs
    Here's the rig I want to build : 800W, S1M or S1M-HE, Eq0 or Eq7G, MVV

    I wonder if there is any noticeable difference that can be heard between Eq0 and an Eq7G set flat, though I think the trade off would be small (guessing here) so I might as well go for the Eq7G.

    MVV so I won't accidentally move the line knob nn the MVVL, it should be more to the right like under the power switch, that's why I'm not going for the MVVL.

    With all the GAS on Talkbass there should be players with a bunch of modules to choose from. Someone should have already built a LMII/III Momark and done an A/B with a LM. Someone should have also compared 600w & 800w Momarks to the F1/F500 & SD/LM 800.
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