Montreal G.A.S. Station !

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    For anyone living in Montreal (Canada) or the area, or in the province, or liking Montreal, or visiting Montreal, or gigging in Montreal, or wishing to visit Montreal in a near or not-so-near future :).

    Pedalboard pics, general or specific effects discussion, local availability for pedals, parts, service, local insides, good deals or mishaps, good leads or pitfalls, boards, powersources... ANYTHING related to effects, pedal, rackmount or other ! Heck, we can even discuss hockey, if we can relate it to pedals !

    Nothing too serious or confrontational. Non-effect/pedal users welcome if they are genuinely curious about using them, but please, no preachers. Looking to feed the habit, not cure it. :D

    I'll's my board and I'm very happy with it. Aiming for good gear for my budget instead of the all-ya-can-eat approach I previously had. Always trying to improve what I have, but staying within budget limits. Could add a delay and filter due to current band covers set list, but we'll see.

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  2. macburn


    Mar 3, 2012
    Montreal, Qc
    Greetings from St-Basile!
    It's great to see some montrealers in here!

    Here's my pedal collection, for bass and guitar. Since I'm no more in a band, my pedalboard is always changing. I use it for noodling and experimentation instead of actual songs.
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    MODS/ADMINS: please delete this thread. 1 Montrealers thread is enough for our little town :)