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  1. Do you think a mutron III clone would sound good? I know it won't sound as good as the real deal, but would it sound close to say... a maxon af-9? I have a friend who says he can make me one and I was just wondering if it's worth it. Thanks
  2. no reason it wouldn't sound as good if not better if he can find the correct parts
  3. if you have someone willing to build you one for a fraction of the cost, then i would think it would be a no brainer. if you don't like it, you could always flip it for you money back.
  4. If I had a friend who could really build clones like that, I probably would have exploited him to the point that our friendship would already be over by now
  5. :) nice, I'm also getting a talk box...just cause it's cheap and fun, I don't know what I'm gonna do with it. Any suggestions on other pedals? I have to take advantage now because he said he's gonna have to raise the prices soon...
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    If he's really that willing to make you pedals, have him make you a bass whammy clone. :D
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    Go for it, someday there will be a big market for Mutron III clones once people start building them.
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    May 8, 2008
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    I found the schematic. Maybe I'll give one a try some day.
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    They've been building them for years already. The key is the opto-coupling device - in my experience, the Q-tron and Q-tron + are the closest you are going to get to the 'original' without coming across a stack of the 0805 opto-couplers.

    As with all effects there's no secret 'mojo' that makes a 'vintage' unit better than a modern version, if you can get the same (or close-to) parts. In fact, the original MutronIII has a crap bypass and compromises with respect to change of phase through the different filter outputs. Somehow, though, people equate 'old and original' with 'better'; it's a purely psychological thing....
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    go for it. you only live once.