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my bass has a BUZZ thats stresssing

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by SeBass LoBoss, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. so I bought a christopher 303 I amhappy with the volume, but the thing is that when I play loud, and without blowing my own horn here I get real loud pizzicato , I get a buzz from the belly just under the tailpiece, so I put a sweater between the tail piece and belly of the bass and it stops, any wise feedback to get it to stop without the sweater, when I press thge belly it stops for a while too, any feedback or similar experience will be apreciated,
    thanks in advance, bye
  2. It's probably an open seam. It's not a big deal, and it's a pretty cheap repair. Take it to a luthier who specializes in double basses. If you update your profile, somebody on this forum can recommend somebody trustworthy in your area.
  3. its kinda new thou, anyway is it visible ? should I do it soon Or can I wait a while? I have some issues recently with money so I cant do it right away, thanks for your answer,
    I checked this out maybe It will help others
  4. This thread in the setup and repair forum may be helpful.

    Open seams are pretty normal. You just got this bass, so its environment changed, the wood swelled or shrunk, and the tension was released when the glue broke. This is the way it's supposed to happen. Linda West said something to that effect in the video you posted. Good video, by the way.
  5. I had a similar problem with my old Kay. It drove me crazy!

    I found slipping a quarter inch cardboard shim between the strings an the tailpiece solved the problem for me. Just an idea, but hey it's cheap and easy...

    Good luck!
  6. ;) I will try that , the cardboard thing, its almost as good as the sweater thingie, I hit it to see also If its really an open seam, but I dont get that clacky sound when I do and Ive been checking the seams and everything seems in place, anyway its no biggie for the moment, thanks again.
  7. well its been I while And I took it to the luthier, I thought I had an unglued harmonic bar, but happily he told me my bridge was the reason of the buzz, aparently its not well fitted, he is charging me 60 euros for fixing it, sometimes I think he is wrong (stuborn maybe ) but I guess I should believe him, hell if the buzz doesent go away I aint paying, if it does great .. anyway it doesnt seem to be badly made, it touches the belly of the instrument perfectly.. any homemade ideas to get it to stop ?