My Gig Report (the short version)

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  1. Colorado Green Band
    Loveland (Colorado) Garden Club Plant Sale
    At a church in Loveland. outdoors during the day.

    We got rained out. Yes, we had a pop up, but the patio where we were supposed to play was very damp. It was drizzling. We decided that death by electrocution wasn't what we wanted to experience today. We hung out for a while at a booth that sold tea and spices. We know them from the Farmers Markets we play.

    The steel player and the drummer went back to their respective homes. The bass player (I'm the gui****) and I went and had brunch. Then we hit a couple of music stores before I was dropped off. Bassist had another gig tonight and had played the night before. He was tired.

    The End
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  2. No pics or it didn't........oh wait, it didn't happen.
  3. Bass Man Dan

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    Oct 20, 2017
    Gotta hate when mother nature won't cooperate with outdoor gigs. I feel for you man.
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    Oct 6, 2010
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    Sorry you got rained out Paul but at least your short (non)gig report was entertaining. :)
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  5. Next time I'll take pictures, rain or shine.
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