My Visit and Expirence with a Sadowsky SA 200

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    Yesterday afternoon i brought my Sadowsky Greenburst Standard 5 ( Siobain ) for her first check up post construction this past September , the word is she is ageing very well with much Love and Metal ;) . During her Check up i thought her and Roger would appreciate the privacy that should be enjoyed between creator and creation so i ventured down into the sound room where i was very eager to hear for myself Sadowsky's new creation the SA 200 Tube Bass Amplifier . At my first inspection of the new device i first thought to myself wow even i can figure out how to work such an Amplifier, I am not the most technical person infact most Microwaves stumble me up so this was a pleasent relief. After scanning the wall of all the impressive instock Sadowsky Instruments i decided on voicing myself with this masterpiece for my pending trial with the unit , i hope and pray someone from has the good fortune of owning this finely crafted 2 octave instrument.

    During this testing period i focused more on the controls of the SA200 then the preamp controls on the bass , i found much ease in dialing various and quit diffrent tones with the controls. I really do think numbers on the knobs would only get in the way of the finesing inherent to bassist who wold be molding the earthy tones coming from this amp.Within the first few minutes I could find tones to perfectly fit R&B Motown , Jazz Fusion to Straight up Rock and it was Roger Sadowsky himself who showed me how to dial in to produce some MASSIVE METAL Tones that could call Cliff Burton back from the afterlife. Having run through many diffrent settings the best conclusion i could come up with was this amp produces the most naturally warm bass tone i have ever heard , it doesent hold the same synthetic boomey fat that some times clouds note deffinition this thing will keep you and you bass clearly warm so you can rock and goove all night long.

    As you can see i greatly support and appreciate the fine design of this littel box that can become a bassist best friend , i know if i owned one i would never leave home without it for a gig or a recording session. This Amplifier is ALL THAT ! I cant count on Santa Claus to bring me one but as soon as i am in the economic position to do so i will give my basses the amp they deserve and that will be a Sadowsky SA 200 All Tube Bass Amplifier. Keep Rockin - Major Metal :bassist:
  2. Awesome review Major. As a tube amp lover myself. I too wait for the opportunity to aquire such sweet sounding amp.

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    Thanks, if tubes are your thing this is it ! :bassist:
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    It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one really blown away by this amp! Nice!


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    A weekday bump :)

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    I have been hearing this amp in my head everytime i pick up my Greenburst 5. :ninja:
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    i know the feeling... ;)