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NA&CD: Trace Elliot AH400 GP12SMX

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Vostre Roy, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Vostre Roy

    Vostre Roy

    Mar 22, 2012
    Sup Talkbass, already my second NAD here but this one is a little more serious.

    For the record, I've purchased my first bass a little less than a year ago and I joined a band as a bassist somewhere during the summer. I've been reahearsing using my Tech 21 Sansamp pedal directly through the PA. It sounded ok, but lacked a bit of... well lacked something in my tone. So I was passively looking for a bass rig, bought my Traynor after christmas so I'd have something to play with, but then I saw a local add for this little rig. At first, I was mainly interested in the cab, but after thought, I decided to get the head aswell ahaha.

    I brought the stack to my rehearsal place yesterday for a first test drive. So far so good, I'm very pleased with it. Ran my Tech21 in the parallel effect loop, played a bit with the EQ and compressor (need to learn how to use both as I never used a band EQ nor a compressor, time will make me learn). I'm also a newb when it comes to finding a tone for bass, but then again, I'm basically starting.

    So, enough of talking, here are the (sadly) crappy picture as I forgot to bring my camera for yesterday's jam.

    Obviously, the stack is on the right. On the left, its my main guitar rig, but the Randall is not used anymore by me (its used by a friend who also use the rehearsal place and who will buy the amp soon). Orange Dark Terror is now my main amp, running through my Peavey Triple XXX. Don't mind the teenage era CoB flag.


    The stack itself


    And a closeup of the head


    Cheers folks!
  2. rust_preacher


    Dec 17, 2009
    Congrats. And, CoB is one of Finland's main export items, so please have respect.
  3. Vostre Roy

    Vostre Roy

    Mar 22, 2012
    No offense intended, but Finland got bands I like more than CoB (Finntroll **** yeah!)

    Also, I found a 15w, 18" blacklight lamp, gonna use the bulb, seems the same bulb than the one that was in it.

    I want the rad blacklight face
  4. Bump those mids and you will stand out better in the mix. It's your secret weapon to cut through powerful guitar amps.

    Congrats, NAD is exciting :)
  5. Why boosting the red slider? They made it red to remind you not to do that! If you go gigging and crank it up like that the speakers will die in short order.

    Maybe the jam room is so small it doesn't matter but rig looks to be out from the wall and a deadly distance from the corner, killing your low end. Try moving it back into the corner, should get silly boomy then.