NAD '76 tube combo

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  1. Picked up a 1976 Traynor YGM-4 the other day. I picked it up for my guitar but when I heard it I had to try it on my bass. Two EL84s and 4 12ax7s. 4x8 speaker configuration. Bass and guitar both sound killer through this amp. Definitely happy with it!
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    Never actually tried them for bass, but have really liked the 70s Traynor bass amps I've tried for guitar. That one look like it's in really good shape.
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  3. Yeah the previous owner took good care of it. I love Traynor amps. I own a 1968 YBA1-A as well which I use as my main bass rig through a 4x10 Traynor cab.
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    Good choice - enjoy.
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    Very cool, always neat to see other 8" speaker cabs/combos.
  6. Ok so I've had this amp for a few weeks now and it had quickly become my favorite amp for bass and guitar. It is amazing for recording. It's so quiet you can barely tell it's on and I haven't even replaced the electrolytics yet. Very tight and punchy bass. You can really crank it up and the speakers hold up nicely with the bass as well. With an extension speaker you could easily gig with this as a bass amp. Traynor for the win again