NAD: Ibanez Promethean 5115k

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  1. ManOnEarth


    Mar 21, 2016
    Well I was without an amp for a month or two, as I save for an Orange stack... saw this little puppy for under 500 CAD new, and had to have it to stifle the pain...

    About an hour of missing about and I think I'm in love. Plenty of tone control, at 10 o clock on the master there is enough volume to shake the house and piss off the neighbours... so I only cranked it halfway when I performed my own version of the THX test...

    Might rethink my plan and get a B7K and a couple other pedals for now, as I don't foresee much need for more volume anytime soon...

    Didn't have a banana, so hand for scale.

    IMG_20160615_201812.jpg IMG_20160615_201833.jpg IMG_20160615_201742.jpg
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