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NBD: Fender Modern Player Jazz!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by archerygenious, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. archerygenious


    Mar 9, 2012
    So this was meant to be a birthday present from my parents (although I'm paying for 2/3 of it anyway) but since I did well on results day yesterday and got into uni, they've let me have it early! :D

    So I present to you my Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass in 3-tone sunburst, the now old version before the satin modern players, so this one has the truss rod adjustment on the headstock, brass saddles, and no rotary switch. Oh and 3-tone rather than 2-tone sunburst. As it was being discontinued I managed to get it for only £319 rather than £429 at Andertons.

    It's awesome - pickups can get very "growly" although they were a little too growly for my tastes so I've lowered them a little as they were too high anyway. Other than that it wasn't too badly setup, the action was too high for my liking and the truss rod almost completely loose, but the intonation was spot on and now I've set it up to my liking it plays wonderfully. Before this my main bass was a Squier VM 70s Jazz, and this is completely different. I'm not saying it's better necessarily... but to be honest, it just is a bit better. It's a lot more resonant than the Squier, probably partially due to the body being made up of 2 pieces rather than 3. The fret word is that little bit better, with the sides being completely smooth (and I thought the Squier was smooth!), there's absolutely no fret buzz at all with the action pretty low, the knobs were perfectly fine from the start (although the tone know is a little scratchy at the moment but I expect that's just due to it not being used and is easily fixed), while on the Squier the knobs weren't straight and were Telecaster-style so you didn't really have a good visual reference as to how the basses volume and tone pots were set.

    Overall, SUPER pleased with it, slap sounds awesome on it, as does fingerstyle, I've managed to set it up just to my liking, it's just awesome! It's a shame that the 3-tone sunburst is being discontinued, I think it looks gorgeous...

    Here are pics!!

    _MG_6327 by Andrew Lachlan McCombie, on Flickr
    _MG_6329 by Andrew Lachlan McCombie, on Flickr
    _MG_6333 by Andrew Lachlan McCombie, on Flickr
    _MG_6334 by Andrew Lachlan McCombie, on Flickr
    _MG_6335 by Andrew Lachlan McCombie, on Flickr
  2. Congratulations!

    I've got one of the satin ones, and if it plays as nicely as that, then you got a bargain for £320. That's considerably cheaper than the Squier CVs, and not too far off some VMs!

    I have to agree, the fret work on these models is superb, there's a lot more care taken with them than on the VM Squiers - I've got a Mustang and a Jaguar and the difference when played after the MP is really noticeable.
  3. Redthirteen


    Jul 31, 2013
    I also saw this discounted in a few places and I'm seriously considering it as my first bass.

    I was also confused by the Classic Vibe and Modern Player pricing system. I mean the new MP 2.0 range are about £364 and the CV are listed about £337. I'm guessing from the price that the quality must be similar between the two so I can't see many going for the Squier as a first bass over the Fender?
  4. I guess its what you're looking for, really. The Fender really does have modern stylings (humbuckers with coil taps, sleek satin finish, hi-mass bridge) whereas the Squier does have a similar feel & sound to 60s Jazz basses. They both fulfill different niches at similar prices.

    Saying that, I have noticed the neck feels a lot nicer on my MP than on the CVs I've tried. No sharp fret edges, the gloss feels less sticky, etc. Could always be a one-off but it feels like more care was taken with it.
  5. Redthirteen


    Jul 31, 2013
    fair one. i guess i was looking more at the name on the headstock lol
  6. archerygenious


    Mar 9, 2012
    Cheers :) It really does play that well!
    One thing I've noticed though is I'm pretty sure these are meant to be jumbo frets but they look that little bit thinner than those on the Squier, and I can't decide whether I prefer this or not :eyebrow: