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NBD: Fender Player Precision

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by NikkiVibes, Jul 13, 2019 at 7:45 PM.

  1. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    Finally, I had enough of my previous bass and took it in and got a new one.
    I did ask everyone here about neck dive, and went with the Fender Player precision, well balanced, no dive and the neck is super comfortable:hyper:.

    Picked it up from my favorite friendly dealer here in Tokyo:)
    As it turns out, stock of the mexican players is quite low in Tokyo right now and will probably take a couple months before more come in. They are quite popular!


    I'm loving the tone and im impressed with how light it is!:bassist:
  2. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Cool color! Dig it!
  3. staurosjohn

    staurosjohn Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    Nottingham, MD
    Got yourself a fine piece of equipment there! :bassist:
  4. AAEB006D-2829-4E37-AB6D-E5CEF4FC2AC5. Well done...Looks great. I love mine also. Player series are great value for money.
  5. jamro217

    jamro217 Supporting Member

    Yay!!! Happy for you, but from what we see here, Japan has a lot of fantastic instruments available. Curious as to why you chose a Mexican Fender over a Japanese Fender.
  6. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    One of them was price difference but, I also find i prefer the slimmer and C shape neck of the Mexican player series over the thicker hybrid made in Japan precisions i played. And for some reason I discovered i really like the pau ferro board :angel:
  7. jamro217

    jamro217 Supporting Member

    Good for you. Finding an instrument you're happy with is great. By the way, welcome to TB.
  8. selowitch

    selowitch Supporting Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Rockville MD
    I think Fender hit it out of the park with the Player Series. They are great-looking, sound very nice, and play very well. I'm glad you are enjoying yours!
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  9. tminus10

    tminus10 On a mission from God Supporting Member

    May 1, 2011
    Pau Ferro is a great fret board tone wood. Cool bass.
  10. codiak


    Mar 16, 2017
    Madison, Wisconsin
    I had the exact same one. I put a black pg on along with cream pickup covers and knobs. I love the sage green metallic color, wish I hadn’t sold mine.

  11. Ghastly


    Oct 18, 2015
    Mill Valley
    Looks great with a black pg!
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  12. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    What a wonderful idea for a mod! The black PG and white pickup covers look great!:laugh:
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  13. codiak


    Mar 16, 2017
    Madison, Wisconsin
    They’re cream. I tried white, didn’t look very good. I modeled it after the player Series Jazzmasters that Fender put out at the same time.
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  14. skygzr


    Feb 23, 2015
    Southeast US
    I have the same strap . Looks good with a green bass.

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  15. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    Interesting! I brought that strap from Canada...Oddly enough, I just switched it for a fender strap lol
    It may be a better strap to go with for performances with the color combo :woot:..Hmmm:unsure:
  16. tpaul

    tpaul Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    How light is it?
  17. ThingsAbove


    Jul 11, 2011
    Congrats on your Player Precision, cool color and the pau ferro fingerboard looks great. I'm sure you'll enjoy it

    I got picked up one from a TB'er, changed the white pickguard for black... with TI Jazz Flats, it's now my number one over my more expensive basses.

    player-preciscion (1 of 9).
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  18. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    I wish i had a way to weigh it
    Just guessing, its lighter than my ibanez (Rg 550)....Maybe around 5 lbs, possibly 4.
  19. NikkiVibes


    Jul 6, 2019
    I got new strap, fender to match.
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  20. JRA

    JRA my words = opinion Supporting Member

    that's a nice looking ax. it's cool that you got one which has the better feel for you. congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
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