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    Jan 17, 2017
    I got the new Harley Benton Marquess 4 in blue. This is the second one that Thomann sent me. The first on came about a week after I ordered it and several delivery dates pushed back by UPS.
    When I finally got it there was no outer box The box the guitar was in had been opened and re-taped shut. The allen wrenches were missing. Honestly I wondered if I'd been sent a demoed bass. There wee a few noticeable but not horrible dings in the finish from the loose battery.
    I got in touch with Thomann, all my communications were via email, and since I'm in the S.E. USA it was one a day back and forth. Thomann really did step up though. They sent out a new bass the same day UPS picked up the other one and five days later here it is! This one well packed and just fine. It feels great and plays great too. I don't think it will replace my Spector Neck Through or my Fenders but I think it looks pretty cool and it's fun to play. This is my fifth Harley Benton bass and folks for the money and the service you just can't go wrong with Thomann and Harley Benton!! 20210803_190637[1].jpg 20210803_190726[1].jpg 20210803_190726[1].jpg
    Although I can see this looking killer in a Fender Green Burst finish down the road ;-)
    The only weird thing was whatever (graphite?) they put on the strings as an anti rust agent. was the heaviest I've ever seen after a fifteen minute set to check the controls and setup out, my fret hand looked like this. 20210803_195359[1].jpg
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    Nice. Well except for that string grease - yuckies!
  3. That looks fantastic! Hope it sounds as good as it looks....a little like Strandberg crossed with Warwick. I like it.
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    Jan 17, 2017
    It does.
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  5. Awesome looking basses.

    I'm looking at getting a 5 soon once Christmas is out of the way... I'm gonna be going green too... But metallic candy green (actually house of kolor organic green over blazing orange is the plan).

    Do you find the jack socket awkward at all?
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    Ditto. I'm hoping with the thread bump by my post that others may add any experiences with this model.
  7. Well I just placed my order last night :) ill be taking some pics and making a few clips when she arrives next week (Germany to UK isn't too long to ship).

    I'm hoping the pickups are decent (G&B have a decent rep in OEM) though if terrible I'll just order some status graphite ones when i get to the refinishing stage.