Need advice in reducing Neck Dive - Mustang PJ...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SoulReflection, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. SoulReflection


    Nov 18, 2017
    I have a new Fender MIM Mustang PJ and love everything about it except the neck dive.

    I have a 3.5" neoprene, padded strap which helped but still strains my left shoulder and arm while playing. I tried two other PJ's at a local shop and they both had the same problem.

    Would light weight tuners help that much and, if so which ones? These are short scale and I can't imagine how bad they would be if they had an extra 4" of neck!

    I don't know how much weight reduction will solve the problem but was hoping that someone out there might have a solution. Help!
  2. noveltea93


    Feb 5, 2018
    Wider strap is often the first thing to try. Lightweight tuners could help and HipShot Ultralites as a popular choice. I've also heard of people adding weight to the body by inserting dense materials into the control cavity, or a routed out portion of the body. My short scale is a cheap SX so I've been experimenting with taking wood off the headstock to reduce weight and have been moderately successful, but I wouldn't take a dremel to my new Fender if I got one.
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  3. JeezyMcNuggles


    Feb 23, 2018
    Santa Maria, CA
    I suck, but nobody really notices
    I was just looking at these solutions a minute ago. I just got a new bass with a slight dive. Not too bad, but it falls hip straight, when I want it to stay angled. I guess the solutions are grippy strap, lightweight tuners, heavier bridge, fishing weights in the electronics cavity. I'm gonna go with the tuners and the strap first, I'd much rather drop weight than add it.
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  4. Pass your strap under your belt as it passes your right hip. Bass will sit horizontal no probs, no neck dive.
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  5. SoulReflection


    Nov 18, 2017
    Thanks for that. I have an email request into HipShot for their recommendations and am inclined to add fishing weights to the body strap to see how much weight is need to see an improvement. I don't want to add more weight as that would open up another issue ;).
  6. SoulReflection


    Nov 18, 2017
    I like that--a belt is cheaper than new tuners...I will try it.
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  7. greenscharlie


    Jan 2, 2021
    Hi guys,
    this is the solution :
  8. SoulReflection


    Nov 18, 2017
    Ha, then I had "pant dive" :help:. Actually, UltraLite Tuners and a BadA$$ bridge solved my initial problem. Now, I think I will just sit down when playing, I am old enough to get away with it ;).
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