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  1. Elder Rynok

    Elder Rynok

    Feb 23, 2016
    I need some help fellow Talkbassers, I currently own a Helix I've been primarily using for Church, but I am now in a couple bands where having some effects is getting more and more useful. So far, I've been using the Helix as my effects board with my Super Bassman amp out at gigs, but I'm beginning to feel certain effects are close, but end up lacking in a more professional context. I do like certain elements that I want to keep, so I am planning a sale and downgrade of the Helix Floor unit to the HX Effects first, to then start growing a replacement board with extra money.

    I would love some opinions or help on the board. I plan to use a SansAmp for the church at the very end temporarily as the DI until I can afford to complete the board. Below is the pedal chain, and the numbers off to the side are purchase priority personally. Items in () I don't have a specific model yet and need some help on, if you have ideas that will complement the others let me know:

    1 Line 6 Relay G70
    10 Polytune
    0 Lightning Boy [already own]
    2 TC Spark Booster
    2 Wounded Paw Battering Ram
    4 (OD, dist, tube grit, punchy grind; preferably 1 pedal)
    2 (Volume Pedal)
    1 HX Effects [selling Helix to purchase]
    FX loops: 4 MXR M82 BEF
    FX loops: 4 MXR M83 BCD
    FX loops: 4 (Wah)
    FX loops: 4 (synth)
    Control: 1 (control pedal)
    5 Two Note Le Bass
    FX loops: 3 Sonic Stomp
    FX loops: 5 OmniCabSim
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