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Need help with amp set up

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by domgreg, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Dear bass community,

    I'm a new subscriber and if you find my writing weird, it might be related with the fact that I'm a french canadian from Quebec.

    I want to clear something in my head but let me first introduce the subject with a short long story.

    After searching on TB for a good and small single 15 cab, I think I really got a kick for the Bag End S15, especially the oiled birch one and particularly a pair of it. Not that I know them, it's barely unfindable in Canada and I never saw a singular musician playing in those cabs over here. Although, I did read A LOT of reviews and I'm pretty sure that it's exactly what I'm looking for - compact, powerful, colorful and even pretty! By the way, I'd be really glad to find a pair of used ones if somebody know somebody¬Ö

    Anyway, I finally found a pro audio dealer that could order the product but first, I want to make sure that I can safely use my current amp with it; an old Eden WT-600. As the S15 are rated at 8ohms and 200W, I know that I would have to be REALLY careful if I plug it in my bridge 8ohms 600W output. Otherwise, if I daisy chain two S15s, I end up with a 4 ohms load and can't use my bridge output anymore. BUT in Bi-Amp mode (300W, 4ohms/channel), and here's my question, can I use with good results each 8ohms cab hooked up on each 4ohms channels or it would be a bad idea? Of course, no crossover, just dual mono. I know, I will lose some of the power that my amp can deliver but how much exactly? It looks to me like it's the only way to use that WT-600. I read in a review that some guy was proudly using two S15Ds with a WT-800 and I really wondered how he was doing this safely¬Ö

    So, with two BE S15s can I give the WT-600 an other life or should I put it on a dusty shelf with a blanket?

    Thank you all for sharing your expertise!
  2. You can only use both cabs in dual mono (never bridge with two 8 ohm cabs). You will have 190 watts per side at 8 ohms which will match well to your cabs. Total amp power will be 380 watts which is plenty into two 15" speakers.
  3. Thanks B-string,

    Do you think it can make my amp overheat, affect the tone or other undesirable effects?
  4. If you run in dual mono it will be running cooler with two 8 ohm cabs than it would with two 4 ohm cabs. The lower the number in ohms the greater the strain (load) on the amplifier. Tone should be the same. I think you will like it!

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