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Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by plexibass, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. plexibass


    Jun 30, 2005
    i wont name the exact person i am talking about but i do need some advice.

    about a year ago, i sent a bass guitar, not mine but a bass belonging to rick price [ga satellites] to a VERY REPUTABLE pu maker whom i have dealt with in the past. no problems. he just wanted the bass completely rebuilt by this guy just to be able to say "hey, **** ********* rebuilt my bass. bassically, reput a factory pickguard on it and build an original pu for it. restore it is probably a better term.


    this was almost a year ago and still no bass. tons of emails and phone calls back and forth between me and x. pg material problems, namm show etc. i really gotta get this bass back for rick price. for the last couple of weeks, x has not returned my phone calls or emails. no idea why.
    the idea of getting the police involved came up but i dont think that is necessary, yet.
    i have offered rick price my da fretless bass [VERY RARE] UNTIL WE GET THIS STARIGHTENED OUT, but he says no. "if anything happens to it.........."
    my main problem is, i absolutely do not want any problems between me and rick price [which he says this is not my fault], which i believe it is, but i want the freakin bass back. i dont even care if it has been restored.

    what do i do?
  2. Get an address for the person doing the work. Send them a registered letter with return receipt, telling them that if you don't have the instrument back in hand in good condition within 30 days, you will sue for the cost of the instrument plus loss of use of the instrument.

    Then do so.

    Tweak the details of the idea as needed - but conduct your business in writing, no email and no phone calls. That will let them know that you're serious.
  3. I usually have our family lawer do what Pilgram mentioned. They don't charge much and they word them soooo much better than I can :) Also, arriving with the law firms name and asking them to CONTACT the law firm goes a long way. I've never had to go any farther than having them send the first letter. That cost maybe $150 at the most and the law firm usually builds that into the cost of the recovery.

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