New Effects Day...Completely redid setup.

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    Ok, so my old setup I had for the last few years was bass>morley AB-Y splitter, both sides of split to Alesis 3630 comp>boss stereo bass chorus on the clean amp on side 1. On side two was signal into to amp, the via effects snd/rtn >Boss ME-50 (chorus always on, intermittent use of delay, distortion/od, tone shaping and use of the exp pedal only as a wah.

    It worked, but I had complaints on the wah, and I wasnt getting the envelops I wanted, I didnt like the octave function of the me-50 and had issues with the overdrive finding it harsh and brittle no matter what, also the delay lacked in sustain and randomness.

    Well, today is my birthday so my brother who had saw me eyeballing some of the mxr goodies and the sansamp for overdrive use popped my gifts on me and I picked up pedals to replace what I had in the me-50.

    So, the new set up after the Morley AB-Y split on the dirty amp is as follows through the snd/rtn loop after all still post compression and the clean side is still just chorus.

    Bass stereo Chorus (always on)>Sansamp Gt2 (gift)>MXR bass envelope deluxe (gift)>MXR bass octave deluxe (gift)>Boss deleay D7>Boss stereo bass flanger>Crybaby tuneable Bass Wah.

    So one hell of a new effects day, Still dialing different sounds but pretty much knew what I wanted and when with the order and different effects combos

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    Very nice, congratulations! Out with the old and in with new and better. And, that's some brother you have, you should keep him! :)
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