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    May 8, 2017
    Hi from Melbourne Australia,

    I'm Michael. 54. Former teacher. Married with teenagers. Self taught double bass player. I also play fiddle and guitar, but prefer to be on double bass when playing in a band. I love those bass rhythms and low tones! I mainly play folk, bluegrass, oldtimey and a bit of Jazz and classical. I like to tinker with things and build stuff. In the past I've made 7 string Lyre from blackwood, a Savart Fiddle from Blackwood and King Billy pine and a Stew Mac kit violin. I've just started building a double bass out of Australian timbers. It's going to take a while...
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    I did build a DB from a number 3 wash tub. There was no music in that tub so I took it apart. Know of any one that needs a number 3 wash tub with a hole in it. I'll let it go for a good price. Well, the shipping alone would kill that deal... moving on.

    Oh yes, that fiddle. Bought a $100 fiddle while on vacation. Mine had cats in it so I gave it away. Person I gave it to could not get the cats to leave so he gave it away. No telling where that fiddle is now... :rollno:

    I think you can tell if it's cheap I'll give it a try.

    Welcome to the forum and do chime in. :)
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    May 8, 2017
    Thanks Malcolm. Cats are a problem in fiddles. Takes years of practice to get them out. ;)