New parts build. 4 to 5 conversion

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    Look what arrived today for my next mad experiment .
    4 string GFS Paulownia 3lb hot pink Jazz.
    Will end up a 5 string. (3rd 4-5 string conversion this month)
    Grafting a 5 String G&L l2500 Tribute neck (maple) with matching headstock and removed logo.
    Hipshot ultralite "Y" nickle tuners
    Black glass glitter pick guard.
    Engraved black control plate and knobs.
    MEC Dynamic Response silver logo passive Jazz pickups
    Bent plate basic 5 string bridge. (17 5mm spacing)
    Like the blue PJ conversion , the neck pocket will need to be widened, set deeper into the body (21+ fret neck and longer heel) square ended pocket
    The bridge will need to be located @ 1/2 " closer to the body end to accommodate the nut moving closer to the body joint, assisting in combating neck dive along with the Hipshots.
    The whole Bass will likely come in @ 7LBS assembled.
    Most of the remaining parts expected Tuesday.
    It will take very little time to assemble
    Will return with the result :)

    A continuation of my desert flavored builds: Chocolate , Blueberries and cream, Tangerine dream, and now the requisite Pepto Bismol

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    Sounds like a cool build! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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    A home-brew JB5, if you will ;)
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  4. how's the quality of that GFS body. A friend of mine has done a couple of basswood guitar projects but I've never seen one of the bass bodies.

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    Fair. Finish is nice enough, mine is a blem that cost 29.00 chip on top horn tip where the strap pin goes, so will not show . Routes are clean and sharp.

    It's so light it's like it's hollow! Or styrofoam . The unloaded neck weighs about the same as the body does.

    A little concerned that screws will hold, so I'm drilling a little small, and going to install them with white glue.
    It will be fine I'm sure !
    The bridge showed up today, the remainder on Tuesday .
    Need to go to HW store to see if I can get a close color match to spray the headstock this weekend.
    The neck pup route is just a bit larger than an EMG 40 shape. A P pickup would likely fit.
    I have no jj pickup basses so this one is it.
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    The pickguard and bridge arrived.
    Need: tuners , string retainer and control plate: All due Friday. (grr)
    Today's agenda: Sand and match paint the headstock, repair broken nut bed.
    Will await the arrival of the control plate so that I can align the parts before I route the neck pocket to fit the G&L Tribute neck.
    15935546900995417943814054316749.jpg 15935547349208885180189233596471.jpg
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    Repaired the nut bed and sanded the headstock. Need to let the putty harden. Will paint the headstock tomorrow.
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    Headstock painted and drying.
    Nut bed repaired.
  9. That is pink!

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    Mmmm yeah, not happy with the headstock color it lightens as it dries. It's actually closer in real life. Likely sanding back and shooting plain old gloss black.

    I have all the parts save for the string tree. Test assembly reveals that I have to adjust the pickup opening in the pickguard. Stuck fun-tak under parts to align. The body routes are accurate enough .
    15937184956598355224965736751161.jpg 1593718518577682263957160139426.jpg 15937185814026859812390559882144.jpg 1593718604813286882324614601134.jpg 15937186269281118233129663495467.jpg 15937186877031235935817581665579.jpg
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    The paint on the headstock looked more like crap the more I stared at it.
    Got out the paint thinner and wiped it off.
    Sanded down to bare wood.
    Got out the keda dye, spent three hours trying to get close enough.
    Not happy with results.

    Black dye.
    Will finish with poly today.
    Digging the grain ghosting through.
    When the poly is applied I think I'll be pleased.
    15937972677733049452420632279608.jpg 15937972884761147001440577474127.jpg
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    Alright, well feces occurs.
    the neck has an adjustment issue.
    no worries, I can again adjust the neck pocket to accommodate:

    Will be here Tuesday.
    The blocked and bound neck will fit the overall look very well.
    I have a VM Precision 5 , and these 70's necks are very similar (really nice)
    Will replace the pegs with Hipshot Ultralite Y tuners I have on hand.
    This will put the top horn past the 12th fret almost to the 11th. Bridge will likely slide back a bit too.

    Assembled it sounded pretty good and total weight: just a bit over 7 lbs.!
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    Shipping delays. Followed by my being evacuated due to wildfires.
    This neck arrived and sat on my porch getting covered with ash for 5 days.
    Survived it's journey. Re-shaped the pickguard and neck pocket.

    A 5 string UNDER 8 lbs !??!!!?

    Build Final Deets: Strung with DR Pure Blues UPDATED weight: 7lbs 3oz

    Neck: Squier VM Jazz Bass BNB 5 string neck

    Hipshot UL Y tuners
    Aluminum 3 string tree
    Shim under the neck
    Filed the nut, dressed frets.

    Body: Hot Pink 4 string Paulownia clearanced Jazz bass body

    MEC Silver logo Dynamic Correction (passive) Jazz pickup set.
    Fender Black Glass Glitter pickguard
    Engraved knobs and control plate from 'Bay
    Wilkinson vintage style bridge w/ threaded saddles

    OH man is this fun! feels like it is not real!
    Hollow , made with styrofoam, filled with helium.
    The tone and playability are really good, very punchy and growly. Strong signal with tight bass, crisp top end , and present, not scooped in the mids. Sustain is good. "Feels" really resonant "alive" in the hands.
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  14. love it!

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    got a better bathroom scale. weight is:
    7lbs 3 oz!
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