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New unique custom build:U-Bass

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Timmy-Watts, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Timmy-Watts

    Timmy-Watts Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I Have been a fan of the Kala U-Bass for 1.5 years now. I have owned 3, sold one, and another is going to the FedEx truck Monday. The third (my first) I will keep forever.

    A custom builder of all things P-bass and telecaster happens to live and work in my neighborhood. He is online at www.groveguitars.com. While consulting with him about commissioning a custom dream P-bass for me, I mentioned the U-Bass and things I and other would like to have in terms of custom options. It is hard to find, contact, and afford custom uke luthiers, so Scott and I brainstormed and have come up with ideas for building a custom U-bass that addresses some issues and voids in the current lineup from Kala. It will truly be a pioneering, one of a kind bass, and I would e happy to share the progress of the build.

    Disclaimer: I am not financially or in any other way affiliated with Scott or Grove guitars any more than being a customer, fan boy, and sharing ideas as an experienced U-Bassist, and collaborating in the design of my instrument. Scott is a great guy and a great builder and I can't wait to have the final product in my hands. It will probably be pretty soon.
  2. Timmy-Watts

    Timmy-Watts Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    We are still in the ideas stage. Starting from scratch is more daunting than I imagined but some basic decisions have been made:

    Will fit in the Kala U-Bass soft gig bag.
    This first build will be a 5-string fretless.
    It will be solid bodied, chambered, and include the Mi-Si electronics in it.
    The body shape will be a conservative, classic shape, probably like a dreadnought single cutaway type.

    ...more to follow :)
  3. As a past & present Grove customer I'm looking forward to seeing what Scott comes up with for this build.
  4. slaerts


    Aug 3, 2006
    And I've been inspired by Tim to order one too. Discussions with Scott are very easy, he is super flexible and looks like I'll get what I've always wanted from a kala but could never get.
  5. a chambered body could be a good idea with Thunderguts.
  6. Timmy-Watts

    Timmy-Watts Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    We've already made changes to the design. I want to leave a little to the imagination. But all wood and parts are ordered. The electronic innards will be completely different than I first imagined.

    I must say I never imagined any custom builder being so flexible. Even down to seeing the pieces of wood that will be used and wiring up custom electronics. It helps that I live 5 minutes from Scott's shop. he sure is passionate about guitars and wood. And I just found out Scott's background is in electronic engineering or something. So even with electronic circuits he really knows his stuff.

    Also gotta give major props to Mark at Kala. He knows I have a custom build in progress and has been great about sourcing parts. He does not come off as threatened (and he shouldn't) and is a great guy to work with.
  7. __HM__


    Aug 28, 2008
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Thank god that company isn't owned by "Scott Grove." :)

    He seems like a fantastic builder, though...

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