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    Nov 11, 2015
    F9C664F2-4648-44FC-A69F-76A917211D24.jpeg 8FD10AAF-00FC-4E1D-B542-EA966DB8A5F5.jpeg 8920141E-0A2C-49B2-888D-9C9465C6D45E.jpeg ive been neglecting my bass this year and pretty much only playing it’s thin stringed piddly little brother. I also ashamedly skipped posting a NBD thread for the last couple basses I bought, and I do see a present of NGD threads so I’ll use that as an excuse to post a New guitar day thread. Not to mention I value input and opinions on cleaning and dressing it up.

    It’s a 2008 American standard Stratocaster in candy cola red, all original with OHSC.

    The frets have only very minor wear. I did run my diamond flat file over them VERY lightly to even things up a tad (is this sacrilege or stupid since it takes the crown out of the top?). I’ve had good success with this on other guitars but wouldn’t dream of touching my American bass (the frets are beautiful ther anyway). It’s on the list to get a fret file for re-crowning.

    It was owned by a heavy smoker it seems and was a bit dirty but didn’t seem really played. I wiped it down with rubbing alcohol, finish be damned. I’ve got to get that stink out somehow. Next step will be to use a very fine cutting compound and my car polisher which is the idiot proof variable orbit kind. It should Shine up really nicely and get rid of that layer of stink. I shined up the back of the neck with steel wool along with the frets and the fretboard. Next I’ll put some lemon oil and wipe out on the fretboard.

    I’m not a big fan of white pickguards although on red is where they look best to me. They’re just too white and I don’t want to wait a decade. I’m thinking tort of course and that will be close to my candy apple red jazz bass with tort.
    I got a fender tort guard but it looks too brown to me so I’ll return it. I saw found a photo on TB of course of candy cane red with a vintage style nitrate guard that looks just killer so I’m thinking of ordering it from guitar parts factory online. Anybody deal with them?
    The white pickups and knobs will really make it pop.

    The case reeks of smoke so I’m going to air it out well and ozonate it when my parents visit with their ozonator. Should help. Suggestions appreciated.

    I almost missed the most interesting part: the paint looks like the undercoat is “rippling”. A guy at long and mcquade told me it’s a mineral in alder and happens with the dry Calgary environment.

    Cheers y’all.
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