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NSD New Stool Day

Discussion in 'Accessories [DB]' started by rickwolff, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. rickwolff

    rickwolff CGJ Emeritus (Certified Gear Junkie) Retired??? Supporting Member

    After my Walmart folding stool broke and sent me crashing to the floor I started looking at what to get for a replacement.

    I ended up getting this: FRANKLIN Bar stool with backrest, foldable - IKEA

    First of all, the design of the stool is Far Superior to the Walmart stool which broke, there are NO WELDS to fail. It has a very sturdy feeling and has been tested to a weight more than I will subject it to.

    Next: This thing is Incredibly Comfortable. Both the seat and the backrest are shaped and placed in such a way as to make sitting on it very relaxing as well as promoting a correct posture for playing. I am going to try it on a gig 'as-is' with no seat cushion - it doesn't feel like I'll need one, but easy enough to add one if I decide to.

    Also, it's quite lightweight and easy to carry AND it fits nicely between my front seats and the folded down rear seatbacks in my car.

    For less than $50 shipping and tax I am a happy camper.

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  2. Don Kasper

    Don Kasper Supporting Member

    Did you mean "Fal(l)mart"?
    Good Luck and keep us posted. It is nothing short of a Miracle, that your bass and YOU, were not damaged or injured in the "Great Collapse of 2019".
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  3. Tom Lane

    Tom Lane Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Hmmm, the only thing is that, if it fails, you can't sue the contractor that assembled it. ;)
  4. I saw/sat on one of those a few years ago. It was surprisingly comfortable. I wrote down the info and lost it promptly. I'l have to get to IKEA again some day.
  5. rickwolff

    rickwolff CGJ Emeritus (Certified Gear Junkie) Retired??? Supporting Member

    HaHa. The only assembly was two Phillips screws to attach the footrest.
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  6. rickwolff

    rickwolff CGJ Emeritus (Certified Gear Junkie) Retired??? Supporting Member

    Willmar Minnesota !!!! How long have you lived there? My uncle, Lowell Melbye, used to be the Superintendent of schools there. He still lives there but is in his 90's now.

    I grew up in Hutchinson, MN
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  7. I've been here 14 years next week. My wife works regularly with the schools as an architect/engineer.

    I don't get to Hutch that often, but I've gigged there a few times. The last 2 gigs were about a year apart - 2 funerals. The wife and then the husband a year later. They wanted a dixieland band - twice. Nice family, but I don't recall the name.
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  8. Kind of funny to consider a chair part of ones gear (but then again- I play standing exclusively, so wth do i know?)

    My imagination goes wild, I want to read about

    -NWCD (new wipe cloth day)
    -NHCD (new heel cushion day- for those with foot pains while playing standing)
    -NMSALD (new music stand attached light day)

    Oh I’m sorry. It’s late where I am, and I am procrastinating while I should be practicing or sleeping.

    And oh again- that sure was a terrible story you had with your last stool, Rick! Considering stuff like this actually can happen and end up seriously hurting the people and instruments involved, better to take the chair thing more seriously than my lame humor suggests.

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  9. Orchestra gigs I almost exclusively play from a stool, the other stuff is all standing. Bowing is just so much easier when seated.

    I guess I did play seated on EB when we had a jazz soloist with the local orchestra. I was seated in front of the winds so standing wasn't really an option.
  10. jmlee

    jmlee Catgut? Not funny. Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    I’ve been using one of these in black for 3 or 4 years. Very surprisingly comfortable and portable. The little ball-jointed levelling feet fall off once in a while, but otherwise it’s remarkable value.
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  11. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love

    Nov 5, 2008
    Lubbock, TX
    Rick, I was just thinking about you yesterday when I saw a new story about a recall of deer hunting stands that were falling out of trees... I think I might have to get one of these ikea chairs. I rarely sit, so spending a bunch of money on one of the fancy bass stools never made sense, but this is cheap enough to justify.
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  12. notabene


    Sep 20, 2010
    SF Bay area
    I got one about ten years ago. I cut off about 2" from all the legs (hacksaw, easy job) . to "customize" height. Gave it to my wife @6 years ago, and she has used it for about 3 nights playing bass a week. Perfect! I stand now.

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  13. dhergert

    dhergert Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 17, 2018
    Blue Zone, California
    I'm really glad you like it Rick... I agree, it is very comfortable as-is without cushions, and as much as I like cushions on it for my bony posterior, the stool folds much better without them... It is a well designed stool from the ground up.

    I hope it serves you well for the rest of your double bass'ing experience.
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