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Nutter wanting to learn few things

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Angel LaHash, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Angel LaHash

    Angel LaHash

    Aug 24, 2012
    Like Most, im on a LOW Budget.
    Sadly also Dyslexic so my mind jumps around a Lot.

    I would like to learn more about Effects, Amps and the body of the guitar. Been reading a lot on the switching, pickups (sadly not able to spend money on the Brand names) and some effects. Also reading and trying to build a theremin (sadly done twice 1st blew up. 2nd i came back to and forgotten what i had done) 3rd time lucky.

    Of late ive been given a 32" TV what is clicking like a relay, said it was just a simple change of caps but they look ok to me, not getting excited or any thing. After reading about this tv found out it was a EPROM, got a replacement, but sadly my iron will not even touch the solder on this chip so looks like sending it off (did ask around town).

    Also got a Trace Elliot Amp, Tube (WOW) got a new Tube for it, only just gotten around to turning it on, no sound out and the tube was smoking a bit. Now i would like to learn how to fix it, if i learn then if it or any thing else comes up like it again i dont have to PAY out for someone to look at it and to charge me a high rate/hour, making the amp worthless to fix. I can follow Circuits diagrams (dam bigger than im used to).

    But what i dont like is someone who says, Take it to a Pro. Never learn any thing that way and every thing becomes black magic. how many people have played around with things, broken then and had to repair them, well thats called learning, but as i keep getting told PAY the MONEY and give it to a PRO and Learn naff all till it happens again. and again and again.

    So dont suggest it, if someone is asking, then they want help that isnt that way. Its not productive, its just boosting up your posts, and that all its good for.

    Signing off the Nutter who isnt trying to get money out of your, or kill you, but if i go, then so be it.:mad:Inbetween:hyper:

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