Old 12" speakers identity?

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  1. I've got a sealed bass cab that has 2 different vintage 12"s speakers. The red one is from Radio Shack and has a chrome dust cover. The grey one looks stout. Can anyone identify these by their number code. As always, TIA



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    At first glance those are identical except the color. Both appear to be Radio Shack. Eminence Beta 12a's are supposed to be a good contender for a sealed box but there are others to consider as well. I would not hold much expectation that those current drivers would hold up under demanding circumstances but for home/light garage band use they might hold up. Good luck.
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    Get a solid I'd on those speakers before running bass frequencies through them. They look like AlNiCo magnet guitar speakers from here. What speaker codes are printed on them?
  5. The grey one is a Jensen Vibranto. Code on the rim is 220516, which would put it at the 16th week of 1965. The EM1220 was a 100w speaker, so the EM1250 you have there was designed for more than that during it's day. The cone and surround condition will determine that now, though...if they're brittle or rotted, there's nothing you can do but recone.

    The Realistic speaker, like Jimmy said, is a Utah that was available from RadioShack in the early 70's (328102 means 2nd week of Jan, 1971 to me).

    Here's a link to an unsold eBay auction for a Vibranto:
  6. You guys are awesome. I scored this cabinet and a first year acoustic 150b amp in awesome shape from my local Craigslist. It sounds fine with my bass, but I already have 2 2x12s built for bass. BTW did I mention the $50 purchase price!! Thanks for all your help and info.
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    Yes, the grey looks just like the two Jensen Concert "lifetime warranty" speakers I bought in 1967. After being stored for several years, I tried 'em out a few months back. One sounds pretty good, the other I don't remember blowing out, but, it sounds pretty bad. I think I've still got the warranty certificate. But wait, that Jensen company has been out of business for some years now, right?