Old school grit in a modern head? Help!

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  1. Here's the situation, I'm reconsolidating gear at the moment by trimming the fat and moving into gear I've always really wanted. At the moment I have two Avatar T153s and a vintage Acoustic 470 head. I absolutely love the tone I'm getting out of the Acoustic with the Avatar, but I'm selling one of the cabs since I only ever use one and will have some spare cash, and am considering replacing the Acoustic with a lighter modern alternative.

    I'm looking for the warm midrange the acoustic offers with the nice breakup, and have narrowed it down to a few option but wanted to get some feedback. I'm considering the GK MB Fusion, The Genz Benz Streamliner, or an Aguilar Tonehammer. I tried a Mark Bass before but I wasn't wild about the yellow and it was a bit too zingy for my taste. If anyone could offer me some general thoughts on the above option for getting the old school warm mid range sound.

    Looking for light weight, 350-500 watts, topping out in price around 800 new. If you have any other recommendations, let me know. I also have fond memories of my Ampeg PF500, but I always found the midrange control was never quite responsive enough for my liking.
  2. masterkey_bass


    Aug 22, 2013
    Mb fusion would do it for me but im a diehard gk fan. I think an ampeg svt 7 pro would be to your liking as well. My .02
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    I own a Streamliner and think it's a great amp - you can definitely dial in some grit - but the mids are rather soft in it. So if mids you're looking for I think the Aggie or MB might be the way to go.
  4. Mesa Boogie Walkabout—no question.
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    I second the Walkabout head, but you won't get the balls of the Acoustic.
  6. I'm really enjoying the dirt and modern/vintage tone I'm getting from my tone hammer. Working equally well for gigs I do in a funk/jazz/rock/electronic trio, and alternate rock 4 piece... I use both Hartke and Aguilar cabs (depending on the gig/mood)... So far the 350 has been plenty for all gigs, but I would go the 500 if funds permit for the extra clout at 8 ohms.

    By the sounds of how you describe the mid qualities and breakup of your Acoustic amp, I think you will really dig the tone hammer amps.
  7. I was really digging the TH, I just need to get one on my cab at gig voume to be sure. Why cant they loan amps out! I think the Walkabout, thought very sweet, would be out of my price range.