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  1. I wanted to write a small thread on the subject of live streaming audio onto Facebook...
    "Well Ebi, all you need is your smart phone! I know how to do that! Just point the camera at me and stream!" you might say, however, I'm talking about live streaming onto Facebook with your PC.
    To start off: Your smart phone will not be needed, so put it down and read closely.

    What you Need:
    - Internet (Do I really have to mention this.)
    - a USB-Audio Interface (hopefully one with proper preamps as well)
    - Instrument Cables... and an instrument (I'm assuming the bass?)
    - OBS Studio (install Software)
    - And the button on this website that has all steps included: Broadcast to Facebook Live from Your Mac or PC - Joel Comm

    However; what's not included in that link is "how to live stream the Audio from my Audio Interface" and that's where I come in.

    1- Take out your USB-Audio interface, brush the dust off of it, plug into your laptop.
    2- Now make sure your "recording device" on your PC is set to your Audio Interface (Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> "recording" tab -> right click and set device as default)
    3- Open up OBS studio
    4- Under the word "sources" right click and add "Audio Input Capture" set it to default
    5- Plug in your ba... instrument (or mic) and check your levels
    6- Click on "Start Recording" to see if an audio signal is being recorded.
    7- Click on "Stop Recording" and watch the video you just recorded (File -> Show Recording)

    If all went according to plan, you should see/hear this:
    A- Black Screen (Or, if you have a camera set in"Sources", camera footage)
    B- Clear audio of you playing an Instrument

    If the audio sounds like it was recorded using a 5$ digital recorder... then you probably just recorded from your computer's mic. No worries, try this:
    - In OBS studio, under sources, Right click on "Audio Input Capture" -> Properties -> set "Device" to your Audio Interface. Afterwards repeat steps 6 & 7 and test it out again.

    If THAT didn't work, comment below.

    Now, the focus of this thread is to stream proper audio quality on to Facebook, otherwise you what's the point all of this? However, I can imagine nobody will watch your online stream if there isn't at least a lovely face, such as yours, to accompany it. With that in mind, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get a webcam and plug into your computer and add it to your OBS Studio (under sources right click and add "Video Capture Device" and set it to the webcam).
    Now, you should see on your black background with some camera footage of you (and your lovely face) displayed on OBS.

    If you've gotten this far, I salute you, however; we still need to learn how to upload it to the Facebook!

    Click here

    This website explains how to get your OBS Session from your computer onto Facebook.
    And that should be it! Jam away with GOOD AUDIO QUALITY for as long as you please on Facebook and interact with your friends.

    I took this a step further and sent the signal from my Mixing Table and feed it into my Audio Interface. This gave me several advantages:
    - I avoided using the crappy pre-amps installed on my audio interface
    - I could plug-in an Audio-device to play along with some tracks
    - I could set up a microphone to talk to my friends.
    - I can control and regulate every audio signal as I please.

    I was looking to take this idea a bit further and stream my band's jam-session live onto Facebook.

    I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. If it worked for you, please post a video of it here, if it didn't, write your problem in the comments.

    If there's anybody who knows a better way of doing this, please do tell.
    Tips, advice and criticism are all welcome.