Opinions on 115/210 stack?

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  1. I purchased one of the Ampeg SVT210av cabs for Christmas. I stuck it on top of my Acoustic 115 and plugged them both in, and the clarity was absolutely mind blowing. All of a sudden I can crank the low end without it going muddy. I decided to go the 210 route due to most people's opinion that a 410 would completely overpower a 115 when stacked, which I tend to agree with after listening.

    I A/B the cabs volume-wise, and they're just about the same. They each have their own distinct tone, but together it's just this rich, full sounding beast.

    Would there be any advantage to daisy chaining the cabs to get more power from my head? I'd assume no because it's just extra resistance on the signal.

    Also, do I count this as a full stack, or a 3/4 stack :bag:
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    Let's think of pancakes and call it a "short stack"... yum!

    I've seen one or two rigs out there with the cab layout you've got and it sounded terrific. I personally use a pair of 2x10's together right now, but I might see how one of them runs with a 1x15 (got my eye on a Genz-Benz) and my ears will have to deliver the verdict. Compared with a 4x10,1x15 stack, I think that the 2x10 makes great sense as the alternative. In my experience, a 4x10 really does it all... except fit in a small car. If I didn't get "enough" from a single 4x10, I'd probably just look for another to couple with the first.

    Some of our pals here might bring up the possibility of phasing issues that can occur between differing cabs working together, but I'd bet that you can spot that in a hurry when you turn up and get away from the rig.

    As far as the daisy chain thing goes, you need to make sure you're using the right setup. Understand that using more cabs together will drop the resistance load on your amp, not increase it. My pair of 8 ohm 2x10's running together put a 4 ohm load on my amp. ***Make sure*** that you've got the correct minimum resistance from you cab combo plugged into your amp!!!

    If you're not sure what's what, you can list the amp and cabs you've got, including their spec's, and you'll probably get more wisdom than you can use in no time to make sure that you're squared away.
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  4. The cabs are an Acoustic B115, it's 200 watts and 4ohm, and an Ampeg SVT210AV and it's 200 watts at 8ohms.
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    I think that is the best set up there is as long as its the right 210 and 115. I've tried about every combo and always end up back at this. Right now i run a GK700rbii into a avatar b210 and a peavey tvx 115 with a 3015 eminence in it. i liked it with the peavey speaker but when i put the 3015 in the 115 oh man did the rig come alive. i am now building a smaller tl606 cab that the 3015 will go in to cut down on size. the 606 deminsions are slightly altered to match erfectly with the avatar. i cuold still go for a head twice the wattage im at and stick with these cabs. amp1.
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    This is my 4x10 1x15 rig.

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    Still my favorite amp/cab combo.
    Son of Bertha + Goliath Jr. III + Shuttle 6.0.

    Daisy chain or separate cables makes no difference on my amp. (2) 8 ohm cabs = 4 ohm load
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    I have an Ampeg Micro VR with the accompanying STV210AV cab; I am adding on a second cab and can't decide between another SVT210AV, or a different Ampeg 1x15. Any thoughts?
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    Your Acoustic cabinet is getting twice the power that your Ampeg is because it's half the impedance. Is your amp 2 ohm safe because your rig is 2.67 ohms as is?
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    I use a MB LMIII +MB 2x10 +MB 1x15 and I really like it. It's a really clear setup.
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    Been running a 2x10 Eden and a 1x15 Eden for years and it gives me what I feel is the perfect combo. I have read the other threads and I get what the science says; my real world says mix and match as you want as long as it sounds good to your audience (you or the people watching you) everything is good!
  12. Better make sure your head goes down to 2 ohms. Look on the back; if it says 4 ohms, go right now and unplug those cabs. Running a lower impedance than rated can ruin an amp, and you're currently at ~2.6
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    Hartke 210Xl cabinet makes a great top.
    Works good for the high channel of a 800RB too.
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    +1 on the impedance mismatch. +1 on checking your amp, (what is it?) You are running a 2.6 ohm load, which in itself is not a problem, but it very well might be, depending on your amp. Also, as stated, the 4 ohm cab sees twice the power of the 8 ohm cab, so you have an imbalance there too.
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    sorry to revive an old thread...but i've been lookin for this thread! lol this may just be my lucky day. I have a gig coming up Saturday and I was going to try running 2 of the 210av's on top of my Acoustic b115neo cab, just for ***** and giggles. A question I was curious if anyone could answer (and I'm sure that's a yes) is how much would each of the individual speakers be getting in terms of wattage. both the 210s are each 200w 8ohms and my 115 is 400w 8ohms. I assume that the speakers would get close to same amt. only cause my 115 can handle more, if I'm correct in thinking that idk. And if there is some sort of mathematical equation for figuring this out, that would be tremendous:help:
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    Aug 4, 2011
    and i'm pretty sure the b115 is rated 250w at 8ohms.
  17. Your amp needs to be 2 ohm capable.

    The cabs get 1/3rd of the power each.

    Now quit with the bumping old threads wouldya.
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    Aug 4, 2011