Opinions on a short instrumental composition?

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  1. EDIT: The second draft is complete, and here it is! I'll leave the first draft available for a short period of time for comparison.

    I've a short instrumental composition here, and I'm thinking to put it through a second draft, so I'm curious as to what TB thinks would make this track a more enjoyable listening experience. It should be very apparent that the instrument sounds are rendered electronically- I merely exported the score as a MIDI into Reason and bounced it through some instrument patches.

    First draft:
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I've completed my first revision and the 2nd draft is now available. A third draft will be made, so there's still the opportunity to get opinions on it still.
  3. Wow, that's an intriguing way to go about it, nice work, Kenzy!

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    I couldn't really get too far into it. Are you asking for feedback on the composition itself or the production?
  5. The composition itself. I won't be seriously handling the production until I've gotten the composition exactly where I want it. Probably at least one more draft.