Opinions on bass cabinet build.

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  1. Hey.
    I'm getting back into playing after a couple of years break and will soon have a new amp (200watt SVT style), I'm planning a building a cab or 2 to go with it.
    Previously I have built a 1x12 detuned cabinet using plans from the London Power amp book.
    So now I'm thinking about what to do, I have a 15" celestion truvox that I'm currently using and a 12" bag end speaker (I think from an swr cab?)

    I was thinking of building a 1x12 and a 1x15, both detuned. Then I could pick and choose to use one or both.

    Anyone have any thoughts of a better plan? Or should I just do it?

  2. Detuned?
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    I think wait a bit and read up some more. Do you have the detailed specs for either of those speakers that you could put into a modeling program, or a proven box design that you are planning on cloning? If the answer is "no", I would suggest you don't. Bass cabs are more science than carpentry.
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    I think it's bassically an oversized closed cabinet with a larger than usual port that's not tuned to a specific frequency. A two-speaker cab with one hole left open, sort of.
  5. That sounds like a ticket direct to torn up cone town.
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    Maybe more suitable for guitar cabs?
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    In a "Open back" gui**** cab kind of way.
  8. Hi.

    = London Power.

    IIRC anyway.

    OP, BFM or Greenboy designs will yield much more predictable and better bang for the buck solutions.

    You can disguise those cabs to look like vintage cabs as well if the look isn't to your liking.