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  1. I knew what order to put my pedals when I was a guitar player… Bass has me scratching my head.

    I assume an envelope follower needs to go before anything that compresses correct? Then the compression… How about an octaver… do you place that before or after dirt? But certainly after any compression, right? Reverbs, delays, modulations last…

    So maybe tuner, envelope follower, compressor, octaver, dirt boxes, reverb/delay/modulation? Does that make sense?
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    I would go octaver, dirt, filter, then ambient stuff. I just compress everything at the end, but I know that isn't always the popular opinion with regard to before/after dirt/octaver. Mine's in a rack, so I have also done almost zero A/B'ing. Works for me though.
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  3. LowRenzo


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    That does make sense :D.

    It reads like you've already done so, but looking at what each pedal needs to function properly, and what their function is, really helps puzzle it together.

    And then you can go against the grain on purpose, see if you like the sound, and do things that way :laugh:.

    It's all an experiment but you seem to be on the 'right' track. It really doesn't differ that much from organising guitar pedals, imo.
  4. Nev375


    Nov 2, 2010
    certain popular octavers and fuzzes need to be first in the chain because of impedance. Also they may or may not work well with active basses at all for the same reason.
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    Looks pretty good. With compression, some guys are using it to even out their playing so they put it before the octaver. other guys (like me) use compression as a fatner / sound and we tend to put it after the octaver to punch up the attack. I tend to put my filter after my octaver too. I tend to like to filter my octave not the other way around. I would also bring your modulations forwards a bit. Reverbs and Delays generally go on the end, EQ a bit before that and your mods before that. So: In>Tuner>Octaver>Compressor>Dirt>Filter>Mods> EQ>Delay/Verbs > Out
    But that's just how I would run it. I generally want dirt and / or compression after my octaver, but before my filter. I want modulations on top of that pile of noise...then some EQ and then my time based delays and verbs on the end.
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    I used to switch stuff around all the time, because I was using a compressor, and most effects have a bias towards being on one side of it or another.

    Later, I added a Synth pedal, which was actually a Trojan Horse, in that it quickly gave me access to a bunch of effects I’d never thought to use. But that really complicated things with the placement of the compressor, so I finally removed the compressor, and life got simpler.

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