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  1. I'm wondering about overdrives...recently I've been playing though some of my old guitar effects and some of the results have been interesting. Actually I'd love to find something that works on bass like my old Fulldrive works on guitar...a smooth overdrive that I can dial into a little grit if I want it. The Fulldrive's two switches were a nice touch, but I don't think I can afford a Bassdrive even if it's what I'm looking for right now...they seem a little pricey on the market. Any suggestions? I don't need a full-on fuzztone really, just a light rich OD that'll bring out a nice full tone (ahem) on fretless and fretted bass.
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    First thing to realize...which I recently figured out..is that fuzz and overdrive are completely different things. Turns out I'm not a big fan of Fuzz for what I do.

    I definitley like overdrive. I bought a few of each recently with the intention to keep the one I liked best. My favorite was the Digitech Hardwire Tube Overdrive. I also bought a Big Muff, Pork Loin, Dark Matter, VHT, and Bad Monkey.

    I actually liked something about all of them, but in the end the Hardwire was my favorite.
    Sounds like you're looking for the same thing I was....just a little bit of grit. This thing just sounds great...then again none of them sounded bad. The thing I like about it is that in 'classic' mode it sounds like the clean signal is blended with the overdriven signal. I wanted one with a blend knob, but the Hardwire doesn't need it. The Hardwire was definitely the best built of the bunch by far. I love the big foot switch.

    The Pork Loin is a little 'greasier' sounding with some fuzz on top. Had it not been $70 more than the Hardwire I may have considered it more strongly.

    TC Dark Matter was nice too, it has a LOT of gain on tap. I still don't like their short buttons. My foot just wraps around it and makes it hard to engage.

    If you want a good OD on the cheap, try a Bad Monkey. It's not true bypass though which is why I couldn't seriously consider it. Might not be an issue for you.
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    Homebrew Electronics Hematoma is the anwer to your question.
  4. I use the Digitech Hardwire Tube OD as well. For user $100, you can't beat it. I was surprised on how much low end came through on that pedal.

    If price were not an option, then I would be looking at the DarkGlass B3K. That is probably one of the best OD I have ever heard.
  5. I was gonna ask if those ODs affect the low end any! Using guitar effects be problematic sometimes.
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    If you are not looking for crazy amounts of overdrive, it could work for you. It is passive, so no need for a power connection.

    *I am endorsing artist for them.
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    The Hardwire, TC Electonic, and EHX pedals are designed from the ground up for high output instruments...bass, guitar..whatever. I was able to overload the input on MXR, BBE, and Way Huge pedals rather easily.
  8. I don't notice any loss in low end with the Hardwire. you do have to boost the lows a bit to compensate, but not by much
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    I use or have used the hardwire tube od, dod bass overdrive, markbass bass tube marker, bad monkey, ebs multidrive, pork loin, vt bass, Oxford, among others.
    The dod and hardwire can give me the grit I was looking for, but the others didn't quite do it for me.
    These don't lose any low end at all, and the reason I don't use the others so much is that I found in my rig I lost a little low end.
    At the end of the day, ymmv, ime, and IMO of course!
  10. Yeah, like I said, I really need something smooth and tubey. That doesn't wipe out the low end! What I loved about the Fulldrive for guitar was that you could get that, or a bit grittier if you needed, and you had that second section with the Boost switch to add a little volume and hair if you wanted that for a solo. Anybody tried the Ibanez TS9B? Just curious.
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    If you liked the Fulltone Fulldrive, how about the Fulltone Bassdrive?
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    Super Grunt?

    I only found something called Grunt on their website...:)
    Is that what you mean?
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    I really hate to say this again.... it feels like I say this all the time, but as soon as I bought a blender pedal all this 'loss of low end' stuff wasn't, or isn't a problem for me anymore. This is AFTER, I tried a TON of overdrives, distortion and fuzz pedals.

    It all depends on your ears and what you perceive as low end loss but if your fussy like me, just blend man... find an overdrive you like the sound of, and blend.

    And a plus from doing this, is you can set whatever OD, dist, or fuzz pedals you choose, to the most extreme settings you like and still have your lows!!
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    [Snark]Get a tube amp and Crank the gain

    Fuzz > (is greater than) OD[/Snark]

    Okay,...I'm not really trying to be rude,...I'm just a go big or go home fuzz lover.

    Seems like the Darkglass offerings are well regarded,...and going off of clips I really want to jump on the Bandwagon.

    The Tronographics Rusty Box may up your alley as well. Certainly better than a sharp stick being up your alley.


    EDIT; Gawd,...I'm realizing that I have literally no OD/Distos on mah board. It really is all fuzz and I rely on a bit of grit out of my SVT,...which is pretty much always on. Obviously not everyone can go that route due to tube amps being out of budget. I'm just caught in the afterglow.