Padding for Old Chainsaw Case

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  1. A few days ago, I picked up a very clean Memphis P-copy from the local Sam Ash, a steal at $212, complete with the ashtray covers and thumbrest in a neat ziploc bag in the included case. The case, however, while having working latches, seems to be poorly padded, and I can hear the bass knocking around in there when I move it. What might be some quick, effective remedies for this?
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    Quick & simple? Towels. Beach towels, bath towels, whatever you have. I often use cheap beach towels as part of the packing when shipping instruments without cases. Good shock and scratch protection. As long as the beach towels don't have sand in them.
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  3. Cool! I'll try that, thanks!
  4. I used towels in my Peavey chainsaw cases (the ones that had the foam that rotted and ruined many paintjobs) for awhile and they worked, but I had to put them in a certain way or the case wouldn't shut. Then my guitar tech, who is the king of yard sales, picked up a big piece of brown craft fur and sold it to me very cheaply after he decided he had no use for it.

    I made a paper pattern for the body cutout (those old sewing skills I picked up in 8th grade Home Ec class came in handy), pinned the pattern to the fur and cut, then stuck it in the case with spray adhesive. Next I cut a long strip for the top side of the case that rests against the fretboard. I lined three cases and still have some fur left over. My fur was similar to this stuff:

    Brown Mink | Jo-Ann