Passing the baton.

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  1. Inspired by another thread about jamming with one's son. A couple of years ago, my boy expressed an interest in learning bass, so for Xmas, we bought him a starter kit with a nasty P copy, an awful 30 watt amp and all the usual bad quality accessories. The idea being that if he didn't stick with it, nobody had wasted money on more expensive gear.

    Well, he did stick with it. He studiously practiced for an hour a day and six months later, we sat down and recorded this video.

    Not only did he stick with it but for the next Xmas, he asked for and got a beginners guitar kit with a nasty Strat copy, an awful 30 watt amp get the picture. He then practiced for two hours a day and ended up as good a guitarist as he was a bass player, so he was already one up on his old man. Still, it was the low end that he loved and, of course, the next step was a band of his own.

    So here we are, two and a half years later. He's gigging regularly with his band, Echo Chamber, playing a mix of their own, indie-rock material and some classic covers. Their next gig is this Saturday at the Newquay Boardmasters Festival (a big deal here in the UK). Here though, is a clip of the guys from their last gig, playing "My Generation".

    I know this is a proud dad talking but I think the boy has put the work in and progressed nicely. What do you reckon? :)

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    Now that's a good-news story!
    Well done to your lad for sticking with it...he's clearly put in some hard work and the band sound good.
    I had to laugh at the if the bass player isn't usually noticed enough anyway, your poor boy is subjected to a smokescreen!
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    Good job!
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  4. Awesome! My son has no interest whatsoever in anything musical. He doesn't listen to anything at all. Its a concept I cant fathom, so I am happy for you! As close as I can get him to an instrument is when I need something soldered. He is really good at that, so maybe he will be a tech or something.

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  5. Gatorbait (my son) played tuba through elementary school and got into an arts oriented high school with tuba as his major. The bass player in the jazz band moved away and when the class was asked if anyone wanted to take his place , Gatorbaits hand went up. He had played on my basses a bit so he was at least familiar with the instrument. Soon after he changed his major in school to bass guitar although still playing tuba. The second year in this high school , the stand up bass player moved away and when the class was asked if anyone wanted to replace him , the same hand went up. Now he was double majoring and still playing tuba. By the end of his second year he could absolutely smoke me on the bass and I had been playing for 40 years. Since graduating , he has both played and acted in several musical productions , played with a brass band out in California , and is currently doing the Buddy Holly Story in Portland Oregon. I didn't exactly pass him the baton. He grabbed it and took off like a jet fighter passing a bi-plane. :D
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  6. Kudos to your boy. That's pretty much what happened here. When mine first started out with the rubbish kit, I showed him how to play a basic 12 bar progression and left him to it. Now he's overtaken me and I'm just about as proud as you can get. :)
  7. Hey man, any kid who can stick with something for longer than a year, is something to be proud of. If you are responsible for instilling this work ethic in him, then congratulations—you should be proud too. In this world of instant gratification, any attempt to cultivate some true skill should be applauded.
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    That is awesome!
    I have a similar story but a little reversed. See my son has been the guitar player in the family, and I recently changed jobs which allowed me to pick up the bass guitar so we have a hobby we can do together. I have to admit he has helped me out quite a bit, but man isn't it AWESOME!!!!??
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  9. Outstanding! This story makes me happy.
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