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PEAVEY Mark III vs Mark IV

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RobbieNuke, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    Revived Zombie Thread.
    I played Top 40/Hard Rock/Soft Rock/Disco/Pop. Bought my rig early 80's and it's still running very well although I only ever use it for larger gigs now. Gigged for close to 30 years using a '91 Peavey Dyna Bass 5 string through it, the DDT compression light would come on constantly through the second half of a gig when the volume went up but it was more of a limiter for the speakers, and although it did limit any extra volume the darn thing was loud, loud, loud anyway, so any extra volume was generally never needed.
    The 1820 cab was a 4ohm and it was the only cab I ever ran with the MKIV head, so 210watts was all I drove through it into the 1820 cab and never hooked in a second cab to gain the full 300w at 2ohms. I never used the channel combiner pedal. I ran both A and B channels on all the time so never needed turning a channel off. The cable was too short anyway and it plugged to the amp using a din type plug which to my way of thinking was too fragile (see pic).
    I ran channel A gain about 9 oclock and Master flat out, bass (Low) 3, mid 12, high 2
    I ran channel B gain at 12 oclock and Master flat out, bass (Low) 3, paramid 2, shift 1.5K, high 2
    Both Bright and Graphic buttons engaged for channels A and B. Graphic EQ 3 sliders on Low side quite high (check pic) Graphic EQ 3 sliders on High side high also (check pic).
    I ran this MKIV head at these settings for more than 30 years without a hiccup and had volume to die for at all those settings at any size gig.
    I plugged into the Low Gain input with the Active Dyna Bass. I never used the effects loop. I ran the Peavey Dyna Bass 5 string using one guitar cable into a Boss Bass Flanger, Boss Bass Touch Wah, Boss Bass Chorus daisy-chained and straight from the last pedal output using a second guitar cable into the Low Gain MKIV Head input. I got a great sound using that system in that fashion. The High gain input was useful with passive basses like my Ric 4003.
    Never used FOH. This amp covered large venues of 1500+ people with ease.
    The rig is still a working musicians rig..reliable, flexible, clean sounding and gutsy.
    1820 rear cab.JPG PEAVEY MK IV HEAD PEAVEY 1820 CAB.jpg MKIV Head Settings.JPG
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  2. Heavy Blue

    Heavy Blue

    Nov 11, 2017
    Prairie Canada
    I have a Mark IIIB (no heatsink) with an like Peavey 1x15” BW (vertical silver stripes, no idea of the year, no info plaque on the back) and I’m pretty happy with it.

    It does have noticeable squash in the tone with the DDT on though so I like to turn it on, set it up so it barely flashes, then turn it off. I wouldn’t want to not have the option of turning it off.

    Mine is pretty clean till the preamp is at 8+ then it overdrives like mad.

    Down at the local ma and pa there is a Mark IIIBH Musician (guitar amp version) modded for bass. Sounds pretty much the same.

    I can’t answer anything about the footswitch due to having never used one.

    All told. No regrets.
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  3. Can anyone tell me what class amp the 1982 Peavey mk 4 bass head is? A, AB, D etc. I have not been able to find anything like it.I wish they still made them. Thanks
  4. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
  5. Thanks bigtone23.
    My Gosh,I wish i never sold mine.I had the exact same set up as you from 1982 to 2008 .It kicked butt anywhere.I may have to buy another used mk 4 head.Even my new 250 max isnt quite the same.My mk 4 had scratchy pots at the end,but wow what a performer.I used 2, 4 ohm 15 in BW speakers in parallel in a single cab I made to get 300 watt output.Caused some earth quakes with that set up LOL
  6. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    I certainly would like to have a MKIV (or MKIII with the 400B power amp with heat sink) again. Not much that I do require a big, powerful head, but they do sound great!
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