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  1. I know there are countless threads on warwick replacement pickups but i have searched and i can't find one specificallyfor six string models. I have a corvette six and i don't really like the mec. Can someone make a suggestionfor a pickup that will fit WITHOUT ROUTING! If there isn't one, can you suggest a preamp that will improve the overall sound. I'd like a clearer low end and the highs on the mec pre just sound brittle. Help is appreciated
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    Jan 14, 2004

    No direct experience but there's been repetitive posts about the Corvettes. Extended range or not, if the same components are used, the response will be similar. Many manufacturers make 4 and extended range of the same pups for example.

    From what I've observed, the major complaint has been with the MEC pre not the pups. In as much, I would try another pre for starters and you may not have to jack with the pups. The standard Bart, Aggie, and EMG pre's all stand about equal to me.
    If you're up for it you could wire the pups straight to the jack to see if they loose the brittle aspect indicating the pre is the source not the pups.
  4. I've often wondered the same about the preamp being the problem, but would wiring the pups straight to the jack not be the same as putting the pre into bypass mode?
  5. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    That's the point, to skip the preamp. If the pups still sound brittle to you then the brittle aspect is not coming from the preamp. Wasn't thinking about having the option of a by-pass mode but yeh, flipping a by-pass switch would accomplish the same thing.
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