PJ & JJ, 3 way, Blend with No-load or bridge kill

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    Trying to get some answer about a few things here..
    Crater said: Shouldn't be a problem. You can use a wiring diagram for a "Flying V" or "Explorer" guitar - they use a volume, volume, master tone with a 3-way pickup switch.
    Careful, though. If you follow the wiring diagram for a Flying V exactly, if you have one of the pickups off, you'll have both pickups off when you're in the middle position. What you probably want to do is to follow a Flying V diagram but reverse the left and middle lugs for input and output on the volume pots (like on a Jazz Bass).
    Or you can just follow the Flying V exactly, since I think the traditional volume pot (instead of reverse like a J Bass) works better anyway.

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    That's the way I wired my PJ bass. For me, its the best scheme.

    honeyiscool Supporting Member Jan 29, 2011 San Diego, CA phishaholik said: ↑
    Thanks for the help guys. I was going to go by this wiring diagram. Does this look right to y'all?
    Yes. However, just be aware that this will result in such that both pickups will interact with each other through the volume knob, so if you want the ability to barely have one of the pickups on, this will affect your total volume. If you turn one of the volumes to zero, it will reduce the volume to zero when you have both pickups on. If you want to change that, on both volume pots, reverse the middle and the left lugs.

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth
    hey, U seem to know a heck of alot about guitar circuitry! Do you happen to know if active bases such as the ibby premium (or something like my budget ibby sr300DX P/J) has a no load for the balance? so that you can isolate the neck pup when turned alll the clockwise? p

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    It's definitely not a no-load
    unfortunately Ibanez uses A/C taper blend pots
    for a no-load ungrounded M/N taper pot you almost have to DIY by modifying a M/N taper pot
    There are instructions for how to on TB.

    If your blend pot's leads go straight to the preamp board, this is not an issue, but...
    if the blend is fed the leads directly from the pickups, it is putting 50K of resistance in between each pickup & the volume pot, even in the center position.
    - Fortunately it doesn't make a huge difference, as I already wired my SRX with a Volume/Volume & did away with the A/C taper blend pot.
    I think it increased the mids a little, but if there was any volume increase I could not hear it nor read it on my VU meter.

    p --- I was mainly wondering about this more for a PJ w/blend such as the sr650 & 750's i have been researching, as well as my sr300DX PJ so i could get more of a P bass tone when i want to, by cutting out the bridge from the pup load. PawleeP

    --- You could scratch part of the resistive track away on the blend pot & make it completely disconnect from the bridge pickup when fully clockwise.
    If you read the thread about how to DIY a ungrounded blend pot you'll see what I mean.

    p --- not sure that MN & AC taper means.. does SX mean your premium ibby?
    LTD uses the big splits on there similar design(s) Guess they are less noisy and more P-ish sounding..

    --- I've got two Ibanez, the Premium which I've left stock, even though it has the A/C taper pot, which I don't like.
    I modified my SR eXtreme to be V/V, but didn't get a bump in output volume like I expected.
    - A/C taper means that in the center it's not Zero resistance, in fact it's 10 - 15% of the value of pot in series & loading the output.
    M/N taper are a direct connection in the center, zero resistance on both sides.
    - I think the reason it doesn't make a big difference on my SRX is because it uses some pretty high output humbuckers, which would have a high enough impedance to just blow right past the 50K Ohms in series.
    - With a "regular" J-type pickup or even P-type, it probably would make a bigger difference, because they're lower impedance.

    --- If the blend pot is controlling the blend via the preamp, there's nothing to worry about & also not much you can do.
    If the pickup leads go to the blend pot, then you can change the setup to V/B with a M/N taper or to a V/V

    --- Yes, cutting the resistance track on a blend that's manipulating the blend at the preamp would have unknown results.
    It would be a odd resistance value anyway, like 100K Ohms or less.
    You could however change that pot to be a M/N to see if it makes for a better isolation of each pickup.

    I think you should start a thread on it & then you can get ideas from RobbieK & WalterW.
    They know their way around preamps

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