PJ Pickups - Recommendations

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  1. Been looking at some PJ Pups for another 5 string bass build.

    In terms of tone I'm not keen on anything too bright or harsh but solid lowend/mids with plenty of punch - modern as oppose to vintage (hopefully that makes sense).

    Although subjective I'll want something that can do a decent Slap tone too.

    I'll have a pre. Probably either an East or Bartolini.

    Been looking at Bart, Delano, Aguilar, Linda Fralin pickups but never owned a PJ so any advice welcomed. Thanks
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    Mar 17, 2019
    Rhode Island
    By all means b take a gander at Epic Custom Shop @ epiccustomshop.com
    Hand wound by the owner that holds a Sanford degree in Aeronautical engineering.All his bass pups are of the P&J variation.I put a double P configuration in a build and I'm totally satisfied.I like them more than the very nice EMG Geezer Butler P I put in my P Bass.I haven't used the J's but the Demo on Guns and Guitars sounded very good and he loved them.Best of all the price is ridiculously low. I won't hesitate using them when the need arises.
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