Playing Samples Live with a Boss RC-3: Do-able?

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  1. Hey y'all. So I'm wanting to play samples between songs in my band's live set to avoid that awkward silence of everyone tuning/drummer messing around thing. After considering my options, including Digitech's Jamman, I've come to the conclusion that buying a Boss RC-3 and loading it up with the samples I want played is the best idea since the bass amp will be DI'd to the PA anyway.

    This sounds great in theory, does anyone know if this will definitely work out in practise? If not, would anyone be able to suggest an alternative method to playing these samples?
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    Have the drummer control the samples, not the bass player. Usually the drummer is starting and stopping songs.
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    I do it with an RC-20XL all the time, it will work fine. Although, I recommend running it to the P.A. without running through your rig. It is a lot better to have independent control over the loop volume, let the soundguy dial in the volume.

    The guitarist usually controls our samples but I do sometimes. In my previous band, I always controlled the samples. I do not see why any specific member should control the loop, just ensure they know their cues.