Power conditioning in amplifiers

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    I thought the purpose of education was to keep one's mind open to new ideas; there sure seems to be some engineers whose minds are completely locked tight on this subject, and just want to insult people who feel differently, possibly because some of this stuff wasn't around when they were in school, or they have already embarrased themselves by their closed-minded postings that they now have to back up their own ********, having posted themselves into a corner.

    Anyway...as I was about to say three threads ago....

    I think this may be what I am hearing from my thread-closer idiotophile power cable, if anyone will listen to reason;

    "Misconception #3: There is up to a hundred feet of wire in the walls, so the last 6 feet of power cord can’t possibly make any difference.

    Answer: The PC is NOT the last 6 feet as stated in #1 and the local current and EM effects directly affect the sonicperformance of the component. The power cord is not the last 6 feet, it is the first 6 feet from the perspective of the component. The further a noise source is from a component, the less of an impact it will have on the components power supply. The high-frequency noise sources that have the greatest impact on audio and video performance are the system components themselves -- which are usually all in close proximity of oneanother and all emit radiated fields of high-frequency noise. A well designed power cord can act as a noise-isolated extension of the primary winding of a component’s power supply and will help isolate the power supply from the fields of radiated RF and EM noise energy that is everpresent in all electronicssystems."

    The noise floor has definitely changed with this idiophile cable I got for free from a company who doesn't pay me anything. Soundfiles this week, if I can keep a thread open.

    Maybe I'll start going to their threads, insult them, start flame wars, and get them shut down.

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    You really should attempt to educate yourself a lot deeper on the subject and not accept only sources that have vested interest in selling their related products. As things stand you are not the one insulted, so much as those with deep engineering backgrounds that you disparage for being closed-minded. And THEY aren't the ones starting multiple threads just to pursue vindication.

    The ones I am thinking of seem to have continued to stay in educative mode and merely need to see verifiable advancements presented, and not merely marketing materials that arguably broach the junk science barrier while making it all sound plausible enough to those with no basic understanding of the subject matter.
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    Edit: I'm deleting my last two posts because on second thought I realized that ridiculing the OP wasn't actually helping anything. However +1 for actual science and -1 for pseudo-science in marketing copy.