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  1. So i'm looking at the Modtone Powerplant for my pedal board. http://modtone-effects.com/Power-Plant-Variable-Voltage-En1.html
    each 9v dc output has 150ma. While talking to the people at Burkey, they said I can use a special Y cable to double the current and not the voltage, so I can power my moogerfooger ringmod. Is there any reason why that wouldn't work on this unit too? I asked the people at modtone but they haven't responded.
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    Yes, since the outputs are isolated, you can Y them together.
  3. I am interested in this concept as well. I have a BBE Supacharger and it only has 2 200mA outputs; the other six are 100mA. I have three Digitech X-series pedals that I would like to run more current into without doubling the voltage.

    Is this Y-cable called anything specific other than "Y-cable"? Or will any Y-cable that fits do?

    Any help is appreciated!
  4. Respectfully disagreeing, Bongo. The isolated outputs might have slightly different voltages (say 9.00 & 9.05) so you could get current flow between the supplies, which doesn't always end well.

    Their manual discusses putting supplies in series to get 18 or 24 Vdc, but not in parallel.
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    Good point, I didn't think of the voltage discrepancy. Since there are cables that can be purchased from a couple of these PS companies which are for doubling current rather than voltage, I'd guess either they didn't think of that either, or there is a protection against that designed into their special Y cable.
  6. The series & parallel cable prices are the same. No mention of any protection circuitry, nor does it look like much would fit into the plug housings.

    I hope nothing bad happens when someone parallels up 2 power supplies with slightly dissimilar voltages. But I wouldn't do it. (Note that this could be from my dated view of electronics & imagining 2 regulators {say one at 9.0 0 volts & one at 9.05 volts} trying to out-regulate each other.)
  7. what would happen if that's the case?

    Are you saying that this problem is possible on any powersupply or does the Burkey flatliner pro have some special circuitry for this since they recommend it? What If I use a multimeter and find out which outputs have the most similar output?
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  9. Any power supply.

    And I'm not up on what might be recent developments in power supplies, nor in how companies tend to protect their supplies.

    The slightly higher voltage device can feed into the slightly lower voltage device. The lower device tries to regulate the voltage down to it's target value. This could result in a waste of current & possibly worse.

    If these guys are sure their supply can parallel outputs with no problem & have a money back guarantee it'd be worth a try, but I'd try it with no pedal connected & see what happens.
  10. Biggs, sorry to create the 'bump'. Atlantic Time Zone, & this is practice night: I just got in.
  11. what about the multimeter Idea? Burkey recommends using this cable, but modtone (the power supply I bought) hasnt said anything.
  12. The closer the supplies the lower the chance for damage. I'd meter them, get the closest two, Y the output & again meter them, & tap the Y cable every now & then with a finger to see how warm it's getting. You can do this without a pedal connected.

    Another way to avoid potholes in the road is to take a different road. Any reason a OneSpot won't work? 1700 mA.
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    Would the non-isolated nature of a daisy chain cause problems with that?
  14. Well I'll be using this power supply to power a whammy (yes the supply has AC), a old style BMS, and a Moog ring mod. The later requires 300 mA and I've heard bad things about using moogs and One spots.