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  1. OK, so this could very well be the stupidest question ever, but here it goes:
    So I'm new to effects and recently have purchased a few pedals. I only have a power supply for one (typical 9v deal) and I really hate batteries (as I think we all do). SO, what I'm wondering is if I can just buy a daisy chain adaptor of some sort and hook it to the power supply I have? Or do those daisy chains only work with their proprietary power sources (i.e. OneSpot and the like) or is there some third option? I'm on a pretty major budget and being able to add an adapter to my existing, standard, power supply would be so much better than spending $30 (I know that isn't much to most people) on a onespot power supply + daisy chain. Thanks again you guys (and gals!)
  2. The daisy chain will work with any standard Boss-style power adapter (center-pin negative, yadda, yadda...) but what you have to consider is how much current your power supply provides, indicated in mA (milli Amperes, or milliamps for short), and how much power all your pedals need to run. Sneaky secret: you only need to be able to power ALL of your pedals if you're going to turn them all on at once! If a pedal has true bypass it won't take much power at all when off, if buffered bypass (like Boss pedals) then I would, just rough figuring, allow 10 mA per pedal, or if the pedal's stated draw is less, use that number. Total up you complete current draw and see if you power supply provides enough. You can find current draw for most pedals on the manufacturer's site, or in the manual.

    But to be *absolutely* certain you're power needs are met, total the operating current draw for all pedals. If your power supply says it provides "0.2 A" then that's 200 mA. Ye old decimal system.
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  3. Thanks Man I appreciate it!!!!!
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  4. You are welcome.
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