PreAmp for Ibanez SDGR Fretless MIJ 4 string

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MarshallDragon, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Greetings fellow TB'ers

    I have this active SDGR Fretless ( s/n F917813 ) that I have had for longer than I can recall.
    I also have 2 Fretted Fender Jazz Basses, one passive 75 RI CIJ Natural and one Standard Jazz MIM with an Audere JZ3 post fitted by myself.
    Anyways, I was 'noodling' the Fretless SDGR today and thinking maybe this would sound better with a modern pre amp.
    Not sure if that should be an On board replacement or a Pre Pedal or rack unit even that would add Tones and Color for my Passive Jazz as well.
    I'm playing with a Markbass CMD 102P Combo right now but looking to get a separate light, class D head also. Genz Benz ShuttleMax 12.2 or the like. Cabs is another journey :)

    Any thoughts or experience out there on upgrading the SDGR Onboard Pre Amp or alternative GAS type behaviour ?

  2. I suppose new pickups is another possibility. I know little about this Axe. Is it all it can be and not worth tinkering with perhaps ?

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